The first Formnext+PM South China Shenzhen International Additive Manufacturing, Powder Metallurgy and Advanced Ceramics Exhibition will bring well-known exhibitors in the industry to the new Shenzhen Baoan Pavilion from September 9 to 11, bringing the leading additive manufacturing industry in the Greater Bay Area Event. Formnext + PM South China 2021 Shenzhen International Additive Exhibition, as a brand extension of the world-renowned Formnext Additive Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, will continue the brand essence accumulated by the parent exhibition Formnext for many years, and bring global cutting-edge additive manufacturing to the manufacturing industry in the Greater Bay Area. Technology and revolutionary additive solutions.

Formnext brand exhibition Formnext+PM South China landed in Shenzhen, which not only fully integrates Shenzhen’s strong high-tech atmosphere, deep-intensive resources to provide technology growth soil, but also empowers the development of Shenzhen and even South China’s high-tech industries. As one of the regions with the fastest economic growth and the most active high-tech development in China, Shenzhen gathers many manufacturing and high-tech enterprises, and has a strong demand for high-tech. It precisely provides more application fields and broad areas for additive manufacturing (3D Printing). Space for development. The Formnext+PM South China exhibition will run through a series of advanced materials, technologies, equipment and products such as advanced ceramics, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing and post-processing. Convenient and more comprehensive information and supply integration platform.

Brand exhibitors gather to create unlimited business opportunities! The new crown pneumonia epidemic has accelerated the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and innovative manufacturing process solutions. With the steady upgrade of China’s manufacturing industry, this exhibition attracted many exhibitors at home and abroad to display their latest technological achievements, products and solutions. The enthusiastic registration also reflects that the industry fully affirmed this exhibition as an important platform for purchasing advanced manufacturing and molding technology equipment and products.

Preview of metal equipment exhibitors: SLM, Blite, EOS, Tianjin Leiming, TRUMPF, Beijing Longyuan, Yijia 3D, Zhongrui Zhichuang, Wuhan Yizhi, Suzhou Beifeng, Suzhou Rongzhi, Shuangen Intelligent, etc.

Preview of non-metallic equipment exhibitors: Stratasys, Shanghai Fuzhi Raise 3D, Zhongrui, Markforged, Yuanzhu Intelligent, Suzhou Resai, formlabs, Mofang Precision, Creative 3D, Vertical Cube, Youni Technology, Vertical and Horizontal Additives, Shanghai Pulisheng, Xunshi Technology, Anisoprint, Ai Fande, etc. Ceramic 3D Printing exhibitors preview Nanoe, Bosch (Shanghai), Shenghua 3D, Xunshi Technology, 3DCeram, Dongguan Huici, Jiaxing Rao Ji, Sanxing Feirong, Xinshan Aerospace, Space Application Engineering and Technology Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Foshan City Lei, Jiangsu dryness and so on. Preview of metal powder exhibitors: Anhui Zhongti, Sialon Additives, AVIC Matt, Ningbo Zhongyuan, Jiangxi Yue’an, Jinwu New Materials, Willary New Materials, Panxing New Alloy Materials, Shaanxi Dingyi, Jiangxi Baohang, ASSAB, Xi’an Euro-China, Jingyan Powder, GKN, Ningbo Shangcai, etc. Preview of some plastic materials exhibitors: Covestro, Evonik Chemicals, Polymaker, Wanhua Chemical, North Berry Kexcelled, Markforged, Bojian 3D, Suzhou Fusiluoke, etc. Software and scanning equipment preview: Materialise, OQTON, VoxelDance, Voxel (Beijing), Shining 3D, Artec 3D, Sikan Technology, Onoga, etc. Many powder metallurgy exhibitors are eager to show their most innovative products and solutions in the exhibition.

Formnext + PM South China gathers industry leaders to showcase the latest industry insights and multiple concurrent events during the technology exhibition. Many well-known manufacturing and advanced molding industry experts are invited to attend, exchange new technologies and product ideas, in order to expand the vastness of the industry Business. At the same time, top scholars from South China will gather to share groundbreaking research and innovative technologies, as well as industry development trends. Exciting activities include:

  • • 3D science Valley Unified additive manufacturing center in Aachen, Germany (ACAM), led the Chinese additive manufacturing users open 3D printing Journey 3D science Valley will join additive manufacturing center in Aachen, Germany (ACAM) led the additive manufacturing provides insight into Chinese Additive manufacturing market and applications, and share Germany’s cutting-edge additive technology and solutions, and jointly promote the development of the additive manufacturing industry. Are you ready for the 3D printing journey that will start on September 10, 2021? • Unknown Mainland 3D Printing Application Industry User Conference Unknown Mainland, the world’s leading digital manufacturing cloud platform, will join hands with the exhibition organizer to host the first “3D Printing User Conference” at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 10, 2021. The event will provide participants with the latest applications and trends of 3D printing technology in various fields through online and offline formats.
  • • China Additive Manufacturing and Powder Metallurgy Industry New Product Launch Conference The exhibition organizer will jointly hold the first new product launch conference with authoritative and well-known industry media at home and abroad, and will invite well-known venture capital companies to visit and exchange. Part of the exhibitors participating in the new product launch include SLM, Qingyan Zhibei, Rhenium Smart, Creative 3D, Zongwei Cube, and Younizao Technology. More new products are welcome to watch the scene.
  • • The 3rd South China Injection Moulding and Additive Manufacturing Technology and Application Summit Forum aims to gain insights into the technical needs of industry players in different production processes, and at the same time assist in the development of China’s additive manufacturing technology and other cutting-edge materials. A number of domestic and foreign industry elites will share personal cases in the additive manufacturing and molding industry, as well as cutting-edge applications and solutions.
  • • The 2nd Ceramic Substrate Preparation Technology and Industrial Chain Application Development Forum Forum serves as an information exchange platform, inviting experts from well-known enterprises and research institutions in the industry to focus on discussing ceramic substrate preparation technology, applications in different fields, latest research progress and development trends Hot topics such as ceramics. Recognize the QR code to complete the registration!

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