Jiaotong University High Energy Technology has completed a million-level RMB seed round financing  . Changchun Jiaotong University High Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Jiaotong University High-energy Technology), a provider of digital 3D Printing solutions for power batteries, announced that it has obtained a million-level RMB seed round financing with post-investment valuation. 10 million yuan, invested and incubated by Zengzhi of Jiaotong University.

As the first batch of industrialized enterprises in the world to carry out 3D Printing battery technology, the founding team of Jiaotong University High Energy has independently developed Top-e electrode innovative design system, 3D printing battery technology and digital smart manufacturing solutions based on 3D printing technology for global battery manufacturing The company provides a digital 3D printing overall solution, and through the step of 3D printing, it will innovate the current long-term power battery positive and negative manufacturing process. The high-energy 3D printing battery technology of Jiaotong University has significantly improved the safety performance of power batteries. It has the potential to increase energy density by 80% and reduce manufacturing costs by 50%. It has huge technical advantages and commercial value. Shiming Wang, the founder of Jiaotong University High Energy said: “As a global 3D printing battery technology pioneer and innovator in the power battery manufacturing process, Jiaotong University High Energy’s valuation in the next three years is expected to reach more than 10 billion. The vision of Jiaotong University High Energy is to use digital intelligence. Create an empowering carbon neutral business.”

3D Systems acquires ALLEVI AND ADDITIVE WORKS 3D Systems, an American 3D printer OEM, announced two new strategic growth acquisitions for its 3D printing business. The two companies are Allevi, a 3D bioprinter developer based in Pennsylvania, and Additive Works, a German 3D printing software developer. As part of the company’s aggressive four-step growth plan, these two actions are designed to support 3D Systems’ regenerative medicine and industrialization efforts, respectively. Dr. Jeffrey Graves, President and CEO of 3D Systems, said: “We continue to implement our four-phase plan and focus more and more on investing in accelerating growth and profitability. Is excited about the expertise, abilities and technology of the company.”3D printing battery technology company completes million-level RMB seed round financingIn January 2021, 3D Systems announced that after three years of specialized research and development, its regenerative medicine project has achieved a major breakthrough. The company cooperated with United Therapeutics, aiming to finally achieve 3D bioprinting of solid human organs, such as the lungs. Taking advantage of this progress, 3D Systems also announced plans to rapidly expand its regenerative medicine work, and now it has acquired Allevi’s bioprinting technology. Allevi was founded in 2014, and its 3D bioprinting technology and bio-inks are used in more than 380 medical and pharmaceutical laboratories around the world. The company has implemented a large number of in vivo regenerative medicine applications, including mimicking the cell structure of natural tissues, bones and blood vessels in the body. Users also find this technology very useful for in vitro research and new drug development applications. Through this acquisition, 3D Systems is better positioning itself to deal with the rapidly growing field of regenerative medicine. The company expects that the annual growth rate in this field will exceed 15%, and it may exceed $18 billion by 2025. Graves added: “Through these investments, we are enriching our portfolio of solutions to address the wider healthcare market, including the extremely exciting regenerative medicine market, while accelerating the adoption rate of AM in overall industrial applications.

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