The funds raised this time will be used to expand the production capacity of precision laser micro machining equipment, nanosecond ultraviolet lasers and ultrafast lasers, build R&D centers, customer service networks, and supplement working capital.

since this year

The nanotechnology application industry in the park ushered in the climax of corporate listings

Chuangyao Technology, Dongwei Semiconductor, Nanocore Micro, Be-Cu Laser

4 companies successively embarked on a new journey to go public

So far

The total number of listed companies in the park has reached 59

Be-Cu Laser was founded in 2005 by Dr. Zhao Yuxing, chairman and general manager of the company. It is a technology-driven enterprise focusing on semiconductor and optics, display, consumer electronics and High-End Tools Accelerates scientific research application fields, providing various ultra-thin, ultra-hard, Laser processing solutions for brittle, flexible and composite materials.

Taking root in the park for 17 years, Be-Cu Laser has focused on the field of laser fine micromachining. With its advanced laser technology, high-precision motion control technology and profound accumulation of laser fine micromachining technology, Be-Cu Laser has achieved a number of scientific research breakthroughs, including independently developed LED chips. Laser cutting equipment has broken the foreign monopoly and quickly gained recognition in the domestic market with price advantages and perfect localized services.

Laser fine micromachining

With years of technological innovation and process accumulation, Be-Cu laser has the core technology of nanosecond, ultrafast (picosecond, femtosecond laser cutting) and adjustable pulse width series solid-state lasers and mature products for industrial mass production, and has cooperated with downstream Many well-known customers have established stable cooperative relationships. Major customers include Huawei HiSilicon, SMIC, Changdian Technology, as well as third-generation semiconductor device manufacturers such as China Resources Micro, Tyco Tianrun, and Nengxun Semiconductor.

Up to now, Be-Cu laser has obtained 36 invention patents, more than 110 utility model patents, and 60 software copyrights. It has been rated as a national specialized and special new “little giant” enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, and a national intellectual property advantage enterprise. Multiple qualifications.

in recent years

The park actively seizes opportunities for capital market reform and development

Fully support outstanding companies in accelerating their pace of listing

Cultivated a group of people with good growth potential and strong innovation ability

A legion of listed companies with great development potential

Today, the listed companies in the park continue to highlight their “science and technology innovation attributes”. More than 70% of the listed companies belong to the three emerging industries of biomedicine, nanotechnology applications, and artificial intelligence that the park focuses on cultivating and developing; among the first batch of companies listed on the Science and High-Speed Micromachining Technology Innovation Board Among the 25 companies, 2 are from the park.

In the next step, the park will

With stronger policy support and more efficient pro-business services

A more complete innovation system

Accelerate the innovation chain, industrial chain, and capital chain

Deep integration of talent chain and service chain

Promote more innovative enterprises

Take root, blossom and bear fruit in the park

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