Meticulous design and precise control create a new footstep experience, combining 3D printing technology and TPU elastomer material to create a revolutionary sugar foot shoe. We’re committed to redefining comfort to put an ease in your step.

Full dot matrix hollow midsole design

A variety of cell combinations are used for filling, achieving the lightest weight while ensuring pressure reduction performance.

Good wrapping: The back of the sole is equipped with an arc-shaped wrapping to provide wrapping and support for the wearer’s feet.

Reduce muscle burden: The front part of the sole slopes upward, forming an inclination angle of 25° with the middle part of the sole. A transverse arch support is built into the mid-bottom to reduce the muscle burden on the foot group.

Enhanced support: The trapezoidal structure of the sole prevents tilt caused by abnormal gait and strengthens support and cushioning.

Zoned pressure relief design

Even foot pressure, no concentrated stress points

The plantar pressure zone design based on biomechanics scientifically optimizes the stress in different areas of the foot. By controlling the design and technology of different areas to achieve zoned pressure reduction, the foot pressure in each small area can be precisely controlled, such as at the first metatarsophalangeal joint, and the design parameters can be adjusted specifically to achieve softer. From the arch to the heel, each area gets optimal support and cushioning, reducing the burden on the sole of the foot.

Realize zoned sufficient pressure management and fully divide pressure to completely avoid localized impact, extrusion and friction.

Combined with high-performance TPU material 3D printing

We use high-quality elastomeric TPU material to ensure excellent performance in the zoned pressure-relieving midsole. TPU material has excellent shock resistance and wear resistance, which can effectively reduce external impact and pressure transmission, providing you with the ultimate comfort. At the same time, Footwear 3D printing technology allows us to achieve personalized customization, adjusting the hardness and elasticity of the midsole according to your foot shape and needs, ensuring a perfect fit and support.

Life test: 1 million compressions without broken rods and no obvious deformation after structural recovery. The amount of compression deformation is controlled within 10%. After 1 million impact fatigue tests, the midsole still rebounds as before, avoiding stress concentration caused by functional failure of the midsole.

Therefore, the application of 3D printing technology in diabetic foot shoes is very beneficial to diabetic patients. It can reduce the landing pressure of the feet, and can also protect the skin of diabetic patients’ feet and reduce the wear and tear of the foot skin.

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