The wave of “Internet +” wave after wave has also stirred the hearts of many aluminum alloy die-casting enterprises. The government even took the lead. A large number of various Internet parks have even driven the surrounding housing prices. Especially in the second and third tier cities, the housing prices around the Internet parks are particularly obvious. But at the beginning of this year, the first-tier holidays soared, but the second- and third-tier housing prices were quietly lowering prices. The sale (rent) price of this kind of Internet industrial park is obviously higher than that of pure industrial parks, but it is cheaper than office buildings. In an attempt to please both sides, the end result is that neither of them can be found.

The Internet does not seem to be full of vigor and stamina for development. In fact, at the forefront of the Internet, there is still the strength to fight the world’s powers, but more places are actually barren.

And it just so happens that B2B is very close to this barren land. The last Alibaba Group listed on Lasdak was Taobao, not Alibaba, and we can see some clues.

When B2B was popular in the past few years, it actually didn’t develop. I went shopping for hot money and then left, leaving behind some legends of making a fortune with B2B. The anxiety and impetuosity of aluminum alloy die-casting comes from this. It cannot be a legend. At least you have to drink some soup or something. However, it turns out that this soup is really not easy to drink in your mouth.

The biggest feature of the Internet is aggregation, that is, the Jewish effect. Winners take everything and losers can’t drink soup. And a big boss in an industry needs sky-high capital investment. Once shaken, it is likely to be crushed by latecomers, and many bosses who do aluminum die-casting are really like this, vacillating.

Up to the present position, aluminum die casting does not have any weapon that can be developed by leaps and bounds. 3D Printing may be considered as one, but it is too expensive. Come.

Therefore, the investment in the Internet for aluminum alloy die-casting is like a kind of leak, and it is also prone to disproportionate input and output, and then so-called anxiety and impetuousness. I hope that the Internet will bring orders, and then a sum of money will be invested. , The bubble didn’t take off, and then quit, and then…

In short, there is no good way for this kind of anxiety disease. Or, just don’t touch it. Swinging is unacceptable anyway.

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