China is a country with a high degree of macro-control. If it wants to achieve development, it must closely follow the country’s policy direction. Experts believe that during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, companies should give play to their natural and social advantages in the zinc alloy die-casting industry, determine their market competitiveness, and remain invincible in the powerful zinc die casting industry in China. This is where the development direction and goal of the majority of zinc alloy die-casting enterprises lie, and it is also a necessary prerequisite and objective basis for the effective operation of the socialist market economy. Zinc alloy die-casting enterprises participate in market activities, and in order to gain the initiative in market competition, they must scientifically and reasonably formulate their development strategies and endeavour goals based on the status quo of the marketing environment, development trends and the subjective and objective conditions of the enterprise itself.

At present, my country’s zinc alloy die-casting industry encounters many difficulties in the development process, such as single technology, low technical level, lack of advanced equipment, and shortage of talents, which restrict the development of zinc alloy die-casting industry. To this end, it is possible to improve the development of China’s zinc alloy die-casting industry by improving the technological level of the enterprise, introducing advanced technology and equipment, and cultivating suitable talents.

In the future, the products of the zinc alloy die casting industry will become more and more diversified, the technical level of the industry will become higher and higher, the product quality will steadily improve, and competition and the market will be further rationalized. Coupled with the country’s further regulation of the industry and the implementation of relevant industry preferential policies, my country’s zinc alloy die-casting industry will have huge room for development.

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