In the past few years, with the maturity of technology, everyone has seen many 3D printed houses and development projects begin to take shape and open up new construction possibilities. Recently, a new community under construction in California is another interesting observation of this trend. It is reported that the local Mighty Buildings company adopts a prefabrication method, which 3D prints the panels and transports them as a tool kit. The advantage of this is that it can improve the efficiency of on-site construction.

With the help of developer Palari, Mighty Buildings is building a new 3D Printing community that occupies 5 acres in Lanramicho, California. This $15 million development project will include 15 homes, all of which will be installed with solar panels on top to form a zero-net-energy community. These homes will all have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a backyard with terrace and swimming pool. The solar panels can be equipped with Tesla Powerwall batteries and electric car charging ports. In addition, they can also be equipped with hot tubs, campfires and outdoor showers. In addition, there is a smaller secondary residence that can add two bedrooms and a bathroom. I believe you have seen the beginning of work in different 3D printing communities around the world. The 3D printer can squeeze the mortar out of the nozzle, and then build the basic structure of the house layer by layer, and finally, people will complete the decorations such as windows and doors. However, Mighty Buildings uses 3D printing technology to print house parts in its Oakland factory. The company stated that these prefab panels combine steel frames, insulation materials, air/moisture/fire barriers and interior and exterior decorations, and they will replace up to eight layers of traditional building materials and eliminate 99% of typical waste. After that, these products will be packaged for transportation and assembled on site, which can reduce labor time by 95%. Alexey Dubov, co-founder and CEO of Mighty Buildings, said: “This will be the first on-site realization of our vision for the future of housing-which can be deployed quickly, economically, and sustainably, and can enhance the surrounding communities with positive dynamics.” Pre-sales of houses in this community are underway. Among them, the starting price of the basic model is US$595,000, while the price of the upgraded version will be as high as US$950,000.

As early as 2018, Austin-based construction technology company ICON stated that its Vulcan printer could create an 800-square-foot structure at a price of about $10,000. Now, a new development project in East Austin is selling four houses built with ICON technology, with a starting price of $450,000 (approximately the current median house price in Austin). ICON 3D printed the first floor of every two- to four-bedroom house in the new East 17th Street development. The upper floor was constructed using traditional buildings. It will be open for check-in this summer. The houses were designed by Logan Architects in Austin, and the developer of the project was 3Strands of Kansas City. “We want to change the way we build, own, and live together in communities,” 3Strands CEO Gary O’DELL said in a statement. “This project represents a big step forward and promotes the development of new technologies. The printing time for each house is between 5 and 7 days, and their area is between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet. According to ICON According to the statement, the material used in the 3D printing process is “a proprietary cement material called Lavacrete.” The company claims that this material is more durable than traditional building materials. So far, ICON has been printed in the United States and Mexico. Twenty-odd houses and structures, most of which are inhabited, including the seven houses that the company 3D printed last year to house the homeless in Austin Community First Village. Although it uses the East 17th Street house as the No. A batch of 3D printed houses was promoted, but the Architect pointed out that ICON may not be the first company to build 3D printed houses for the commercial real estate market. Long Island-based SQ4D declared last month that it owns the first set of “in the United States.” “Approved” 3D printed house, this is a single-family house in Riverhead, New York, listed for 300,000 US dollars. In addition to building its 3D printed structure on the earth, ICON also cooperated with NASA (NASA) to develop a space-based The ultimate goal of the building system is to place buildings on the moon and Mars. 

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