TCT Asia, the largest professional exhibition of 3D Printing technology in Asia, will be held from May 26th to 28th in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. As the sponsor of this exhibition, what new products, activities and highlights will Raise3D Shanghai Fuzhi have at this year’s TCT?

Raise3D Shanghai Fuzhi booth number H40 | Fuzhi booth Raise Next Gen next-generation 3D printing equipment conference This Raise3D will be the world’s first four new 3D printing equipment on TCT, of which the most interesting two are the world’s first A second-generation desktop metal 3D printing solution and large-size FFF melt extrusion 3D printing equipment. This solution was jointly developed by Raise3D and BASF. Unlike the first generation of desktop metal 3D printers currently on the market, this product uses the mature catalytic degreasing process in the MIM industry, which avoids product deformation and dimensional accuracy control. Difficult and weak points, it can produce larger-sized printed parts; at the same time, the degreasing time is shorter, which reduces the cost, is compatible with the existing MIM process, and can directly use the current domestic mobile phone supply chain to achieve large-scale production. 

Figure | Part of the metal printing display sample large-size FFF melt extrusion equipment, will be Raise3D’s product to rethink the FFF technology process flow and business model, maximize the use, optimization and open third-party consumables support (OFP2.0), reduce redundancy I design to provide the repeatability required for industrial production. Figure | New product launch conference for large-size FFF printers to be released Location: Raise3D Shanghai Fuzhi booth (H40) New product launch conference schedule On the morning of May 26, the world’s first second-generation desktop metal 3D printing conference and the first domestic equipment delivery Signing Ceremony On the morning of May 27th, large-size FFF melt extrusion equipment new product launch conference OFP open consumables and plastics white paper released OFP is the abbreviation of Open Filament Program (Open Filament Program). Raise3D is the first company in the world to carry out the Open Filament Program. At present, more than 50% of the world’s wire manufacturers have joined the OFP project. The latest achievement: Stainless steel 316L and ceramic wire will be added to OFP.

Figure | BASF Ultrafuse 316L metal wire products will join OFP this time as the conference sponsor of this exhibition. Raise3D will cooperate with OFP partners Polymaker, BASF, Covestro, North Berry, ESUN, Lefus, Together with PPprint, we will print and produce badge hooks for all the exhibitors of TCT this time.Each visitor can choose to receive a PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU, PA or PP material hook when entering the venue to compare the functional differences of different materials when making the same parts.

During the exhibition, 3D Science Valley, a well-known industry media, will jointly release the latest version of “3D Printing Plastic White Paper 2.0” with Raise3D Material Leader-Dr. Minde Kim | Dr. Minde Kim “3D Printing Plastic White Paper 2.0” Click to make an appointment to download the 
white paper conference and OFP sharing Location: Raise3D Shanghai-chi booth (H40) calendar of Events may 27 afternoon 3D printing plastic White Paper 2.0 conference may 27 afternoon OFP will share free appointment to visit the fully open channel 1. press and two-dimensional code scanning pictures 2 fill out the form below to register visit the exhibition site to carry identity cards 3. 

special Note this channel will be in Beijing before May 21 if no pre-registration is closed, on-site ticket price of 50 yuan / person on Raise3DRaise3D is an international company that ranks first in the world and is in rapid development. With Shanghai as its global headquarters and Nantong as its manufacturing base, China, the United States and Europe have coordinated R&D and innovation. It has overseas offices and specialization in California, the United States and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. International team. As an international first-line brand, the company independently researches and develops 3D printers, 3D printing slicing software (ideaMaker), 3D printing enterprise-level cloud platform (RaiseCloud), and builds an inclusive industry ecosystem to provide global customers with one-stop 3D printing-based flexibility Chemical manufacturing program. 

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