The annual event of additive manufacturing technology-TCT Asia will be held at the Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from May 26-28. Currently, additive manufacturing companies are facing a transition from design verification to mass production of terminal parts. To meet this challenge, companies must manage production processes more efficiently and increase productivity, thereby expanding the scale of operations and increasing market share. As the first show at TCT Asia, Oqton will show how its cloud platform realizes the visualization and automation of production processes. You will experience the end-to-end additive manufacturing process of “order creation-printing preparation-production scheduling-printing-post-processing-delivery”.

Oqton information booth Time: May 26 – 28 Location: 168 East Road, Hong Kong Ying National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Hall 7.1  Oqton Booth: K64 (close to the international exhibition and the Main Stage)

Visitor welfare

01 visit Oqton booth, fill in Register for the information, and you can receive a beautiful emoji snack to help you replenish energy during the exhibition and give you a good mood. If you can collect all five emoji packs, you can also redeem awards!

02 A complete experience of the end-to-end process demonstration of additive manufacturing was completed at the Oqton booth, and a gift of mysterious metal 3D Printing was presented.  

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