In recent years, 3D printers have been popular in film and television dramas, such as “Time and Space Cohabitation”, “My Time, Your Time”, “Extreme Challenge” and other film and television dramas and programs, 3D printers and their application scenarios have appeared , So that many passersby who have never been exposed to 3D Printing have more channels to learn about 3D printing technology. In the recent hit drama “Fall in Love with Special Forces”, the editor discovered the figure of Flashcast Wolverine. The second man in the play is the owner of a 3D printing company, and the 3D printer in his studio is Flashcast Wolverine.

  • ▲The male second in the scene of “Fall in Love with Special Forces” not only used Wolverine printing equipment and other daily tools, but also carried out a 3D printing medical cooperation project with the hospital to print a heart model to help doctors make preoperative planning for difficult cases, and let the 3D printing technology Those who have little understanding have felt the many powerful functions of 3D printing. As one of Flashcast’s classic product series, Wolverine is well received by users for its open source design, sheet metal structure, and stable printing effects. At present, the new product Wolverine 2 of Flashcasting upgrade iteration has independent dual nozzles, and has attracted the attention of many new and old users once it was launched.
  • ▲Flashcast Technology Wolverine 2 On June 25 this year, the sci-fi movie “Summer Gate” released in Japan also appeared as the leader of Flashcast 2S. This film is adapted from the novel “The Gate to Midsummer” by the American science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein. It tells the story of the scientist Soichiro Takakura who fell asleep for 30 years after being frozen. He woke up to find that he had lost everything in order to save his relatives. Return to the story of 1995 with the help of humanoid robots. The picture below is the scene of the secret laboratory in 2025 in the movie. It can be seen that 3D printers have become one of the necessary tools in the future world. To
  • ▲ Close-up shots of laboratory stills-the picture shows Guider2S
  • ▲ Panoramic view of laboratory scenes in the past two years. In the scenes of various Japanese science fiction movies, 3D printers have become standard. For example, “AI Collapse”, which was released in early 2020, also used a flashcast 3D printer in the set of the Institute of the Future in 2030.
  • ▲The digital production of the 3D printer of the institute’s stills in the movie “AI Collapse”, the application of multiple materials, and the stable and efficient output make it a powerful helper for engineers in research and design, and it has been included in one of the props of science fiction film and television dramas. For example, 2S, the leader in the movie, has an all-metal frame design, which is both stable and robust; supports high temperature printing at 300°C and an open material system, compatible with printing more consumables, and supports integrated cloud management, which can be realized Small batch production. To
  • ▲The success of 2S3D printing, the leader of Flashcasting technology, cannot be separated from the promotion of popular movies and televisions. It also shows that it is the continuous and in-depth development of 3D printing in various fields that makes it more concerned and recognized by more people. Become a symbol of future application trends and a hot topic for discussion.

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