As my country’s medical device industry enters the golden track of rapid development, import substitution is considered to be the main theme of the development of medical devices in the next ten years. The local medical device design, manufacturing and finishing industry chain has made major breakthroughs in key parts and materials and high-quality products. Local technology and a stable and safe supply chain are the key points to promote the innovative R&D and production of medical device products. In the past 16 years, Medtec China has spared no effort to help build an international one-stop procurement platform for medical design and manufacturing resources, and build an information exchange hub that brings together high-end medical manufacturing upstream, midstream and downstream companies and institutions to provide technical development for Chinese medical device manufacturers Rich resources and advanced concepts covering the entire industrial chain. 16 years of accumulation and development, Medtec China has grown into a large-scale and influential medical device design and manufacturing technology exhibition in China. 2021 Medtec China (and the 17th International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition) will be held in September It will be held in Hall 2 and Hall 4 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from 1-3. The exhibits cover design and development, raw materials, precision components, manufacturing equipment, processing technology, contract manufacturing, testing and certification, policies and regulations, and market consulting exhibits and services. At the same time, the exhibition will hold a wealth of conference activities, starting from regulations/quality/technology, exploring focus topics in the fields of AI/intelligent manufacturing/3D Printing/high-end active equipment/implantation intervention, and inviting industry top experts to jointly ask about medical innovation and intelligent manufacturing. Click here to pre-register and immediately become a professional audience to visit the exhibition and get free conference participation qualifications.

2020 Medtec China Exhibition site grand event 500+ advanced medical design and manufacturing resource supply companies gather together, international pavilions make concerted effortsIt is expected that more than 500 companies will participate in the 2021 Medtec China Exhibition, including Canadian HnG Medicine, TRUMPF, Celanese, Coherent China, ZEUS, Lubrizol, FANUC, ELGILOY, Mikron, Herriga, St. Ann , Fort Wayne, Jida You, Tyco Electronics, Good News, Trelleborg, Med Medical, Momentive, Maitong, Chongzhan Intelligent, American TA Instruments, Nissei, Yunnan Precious Metals Group, Ruixi Medical Leading companies in various fields such as technology, quamai medical, and ZTE Chemical. The products and services of most companies participating in the exhibition can help the R&D and production of high-end interventional medical devices. They have their own localized technology, have strong product innovation capabilities, take into account high efficiency and cost control capabilities, and continuously update and iterate quickly according to customer needs.

Products to overcome technical bottlenecks in the production of high-end implanted interventional devices and high-end medical equipment. There will still be companies from Germany, the United States, Singapore, Japan, Ireland and other countries participating in the Medtec China exhibition this year. Companies such as Wacker, LPKF, Diener, PIA Automation, Meko Laser, Teamtechnik, Gutekunst Formtechnik, ElringKlinger will bring their advanced technologies, products and services to the exhibition site. Click to view the 2021 online exhibitor list. To obtain more online medical device design and manufacturing resources, and enable efficient procurement, Every year Medtec China will receive more than tens of thousands of professional visitors, 85% of the visitors are for business exchanges, nearly 60% of the visitors come to seek new suppliers, orders or solutions to specific problems, and 40% are purchasing decisions. While collecting information and conducting procurement activities and visiting the exhibition, 48% of them are to explore new products, services or technologies in the market, and to understand market information and development trends.

Since the opening of the pre-registration for Medtec China 2021, many internationally renowned medical device manufacturers, scientific research institutes, and university design and R&D personnel have signed up to visit, and many companies have organized groups of more than 10 employees to visit. Part of the list of companies that have registered to visit: Philips, Medtronic, Siemens, Medtronic Kanghui, BD Medical, Xerox, Braun Medical, Shenzhen Mindray, Fosun Medical, Shanghai United Imaging, United Imaging Changzhou Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai MicroPort Medical equipment, Shanghai Minimally Invasive Electrophysiological Medicine, Minimally Invasive Heart Tong, Shanghai Weigao Medical Technology, Weigao Shanghai Research Institute, Weigao Fenwei Health Technology, Lepu Medical, Suzhou Institute of Medical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunshan Rongying Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Company, Sino Medical, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shandong Weixin Medical Device, Maitong Medical Technology (Jiaxing), Hangzhou Qiming Medical Device, Shenzhen Xinlitai Biomedical, Bluefan Medical, Shanghai Baixinan Biotechnology, Shanghai Woby, Yangtze River, Shanghai New Pulse, Shanghai Yixin Medical, Shanghai Aifan, Nuo-Meier (Suzhou), Keku Medical, Laerdal Medical Equipment, Jiuxin Medical, Kunbo Biological, Nanwei Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Wait.

Visitors and exhibitors at the 2020 Medtec China exhibition communicated with exhibitors. In the post-epidemic era, high-end medical devices have entered the golden track. Medical device manufacturers have been interested in high-end medical equipment such as imaging equipment, endoscopes, medical electronic equipment, clinical inspection and analysis equipment, and laboratory equipment. The research and development, design and manufacturing of appliances, medical high-frequency instruments and equipment, cardiac and orthopedic implanted interventional devices, dental equipment/appliances and materials have varying degrees of involvement, and major companies have a strong demand for advanced medical design and manufacturing resources. If you are also designing and manufacturing a high-end medical device, need to seek high-quality suppliers, or need product innovation inspiration, you may click to sign up for free to join your colleagues to visit the exhibition site.

Experts in the medical industry gather at Medtec to ask on the spot about medical innovation and intelligent manufacturingMedtec China will launch the “High-end Active Medical Equipment Core Components and Technology Forum” for the first time this year. The conference topics will focus on the application of optoelectronic devices in active medical equipment, the design of molecular imaging probes for high-end imaging equipment, and endoscopes. Innovative product design and technology, AI accelerating the development of smart medical care, etc., guests from the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen University School of Public Health, Shanghai MicroPort Medical Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. and other universities and well-known companies will speak at that time. In addition, from Fuwai Cardiovascular Hospital, National Cardiovascular Disease Center, Medical Research Statistics Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University Institute of Biomedical Manufacturing and Life Quality Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, Peking University, and School of Materials Science, Donghua University, Shanghai , Peking University Stomatological Hospital and many well-known experts will give lectures on site. Face to face with big guys, learn about the latest scientific research results, learn advanced technology concepts, click on the link to register and pre-register, you can participate for free >>> 

2020 Medtec China Exhibition Quality Forum A site In addition, as the annual focus of Medtec China Exhibition-Quality Forum A will also pay attention to the life cycle risk management of high-end medical equipment this year. Guests will discuss with the participants on the current situation analysis of high-end active medical equipment reliability, electrical safety standards (IEC60601-1) requirements for risk management, and active Hot topics such as sharing of equipment product risk management cases. Click here to learn more about the conference details and sign up for the conference.  

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