We have seen many examples of the application of 3D Printing technology in the sports world, and now this technology has entered baseball. Recently, Carbon has partnered with digital manufacturing company Fast Radius and Major League Baseball glove supplier Rawlings to develop a new partly 3D printed baseball glove series REV1X.

The glove itself was designed in collaboration with Francisco Lindor, a four-time All-Star shortstop of the New York Mets. He has provided a lot of feedback over the years to improve this convenient set of equipment. Lindor is the winner of Rawlings Platinum Award and Golden Glove Award, and he will also become the spokesperson for REV1X’s marketing activities in the United States.

REV1X gloves have been brewing for several years. Rawlings engineers worked closely with Carbon to design a unique 3D printed lattice structure to support the internal fingers. The lattice structure manufactured using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology provides variable stiffness for the thumb and little finger, which reduces the weight of the glove without compromising protection and durability. Second, the internal lattice allows for a thinner glove shape and stronger filling. As Carbon said, the result is “ultra-light, well-fitting gloves suitable for competition, providing athletes with stable competition ability.”

Other noteworthy (non-3D printed) features include: no mesh design, which effectively eliminates the lace on the top of the mesh and improves the consistency of shots; an adaptive fitting system that can adapt to a wider range of wrist sizes ; And Heart of the Hide palm and laminated leather padding. 

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