Be-Cu Prototype inc ultra-fast femtosecond laser cutting machine is suitable for micro-precision Laser of ultra-thin metal copper foil, aluminum foil, stainless steel foil, nickel alloy foil and other materials, with no deformation, no black edges, no burrs, and high precision in cutting; it can be used for Cutting of flexible PI, PET and other materials. It can etch, scribe, and cut coatings on flexible PET, PI materials, glass, and silicon wafer substrates without damaging the substrate. It can also directly perform laser scribing and groove Laser on glass, silicon wafers, stainless steel and other materials. The minimum line width is less than 10 microns.

Ultra-thin metal has extraordinary applications in aerospace, satellites, communications, 5G and other fields. It is like human blood vessels, which are widely distributed and play an important role. In the early days, the requirements for ultra-thin metal materials were relatively simple, just ensuring conductivity. However, with the continuous improvement of technology, characteristics such as thinness, lightness, conductivity, and high precision have gradually been put on the agenda, and requirements for ultra-thin metal have been put forward. Higher requirements require no burrs, no deformation, ultra-fine line width, ultra-high precision, and ultra-thin materials. These high standards also put forward higher requirements for Laser tools.

In the field of ultra-thin metal materials, copper foil, stainless steel foil, titanium alloy foil, nickel alloy foil and other material Laser tools, die cutting or chemical etching are used to achieve this. As demand continues to increase, especially in 5G, Under the high standards of aerospace, satellite and other fields, the traditional process model is gradually showing weakness. For example,the diffenerce of femto laser cutting and other cutting, die cutting will produce deformation and burr residues, which will affect product performance; chemical etching Laser requires a screen, especially for materials with multiple specifications, a large number of screens are required, which is not conducive to the Laser of multiple types of products. In addition, chemical etching The environment is seriously polluted, especially under the pressure of environmental protection control. More and more chemical etching Laser plants have withdrawn, causing considerable trouble to Laser companies. Under this premise, a process using laser cutting of ultra-thin metal foil has entered related fields, bringing new ideas to the development of the industry.

The advantage of laser cutting ultra-thin metal foil is that it is not limited by graphics. You can import CAD drawings or draw graphics for cutting in the software at any time, which is convenient, fast and has a short cycle.

The ultra-fast femto second laser cutting machine has high flexibility and is not limited to cutting ultra-thin metal materials. It can also be used for etching multi-layer materials or Laser micro-nano diversion structures on the surface of materials, such as silicon wafer scribing, stainless steel gratings, and ceramics. Scribing, scribing on film materials, scribing on glass, etc.

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