ODM WIKI has reported many Pokemon-themed battery boxes for you. Recently, GogoToro, a design duo from Brooklyn, has developed a powerful battery box. The duo consisted of Reid Covington and Chase Larson, who used 3D Printing technology to create Chargemander, a Pokemon-themed battery box with 33 hours of play time and 15 minutes of charging time. Chargemander’s current crowdfunding price on Kickstarter is $69.

Statistics show that people now spend a little less time on Pokémon Go than it was a month ago, but this mobile game still has huge popularity around the world, and its launch will surely be remembered as a key cultural phenomenon in 2016. live. One troublesome issue that still affects Pokemon trainers is battery life: The game relies heavily on GPS and graphics, and it quickly drains the battery of the smartphone, so people need to switch the battery during the game, usually using some weird ones. 3D printing Pokémon battery box will reduce this situation.

Although we have seen many 3D printed battery cases, including several Pokeball and Pokédex designs, GogoToro’s newly designed Chargemander sets the benchmark for this type of creation through its battery life and its pun name. Although the final version of Chargemander will not be 3D printed, 3D printing was used for this cleverly designed prototype, inspired by the classic Pokédex used by Xiaozhi and others.

As mentioned earlier, there are several Pokémon-themed battery cases available on the Internet, but GogoToro believes that its products have additional appeal to people. According to the needs of users, Chargemander is equipped with a 5200mAh battery, which provides more than 300% additional power supply for those loyal players. Using this device, iPhone 6 users can play up to 33 hours after 15 minutes of charging, which is 16 times faster than ordinary power banks.

As far as ODM WIKI knows, Chargemander has other advantages. For example, game players do not need a separate charging cable to connect the phone to the battery box. You only need to connect the Chargemander to the smartphone, and once the battery reaches 100%, the Chargemander will charge itself. In addition, the smart phone can be placed directly in the box, and its hard shell can protect the phone from being broken, and it can also be used as a phone holder. Chargemander also uses Pokédex’s classic red, yellow, and green lights. Press the blue button to connect to the battery status. Following this successful 3D printing prototype, GogoToro will also make Chargemander battery cases for iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7, and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S7. The two have said that if there is enough demand, they will consider making battery cases for other models of mobile phones.

In order to raise funds for the Chargemander battery box, GogoToro launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It easily reached its target amount of US$15,000 in less than a day. As of yesterday, the crowdfunding funds have exceeded US$40,000. Starting in October 2016, this smartphone battery box will be sent to customers all over the world.

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