In the early morning of April 30th, Stratasys released a new full-color 3D printer J55 online. This is an office-friendly small full-color 3D printer, which is cheaper than the previous model, and is oriented towards design, manufacturing, education and other industries.

Stratasys J55 is still a member of the PolyJet series, and belongs to the same type as the previous J8 series. The difference is that the J55 is smaller, one size smaller than ordinary household refrigerators; the price is cheaper, compared with the price of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the J8 series, the overseas price of the J55 is 99,000 dollars; the office is friendly and convenient and flexible. , And the civil electrical environment can be used normally.  Further interpretation, J55 3D printer has passed Pantone full-color certification and supports 478,000 color levels; the effective 3D Printing area of ​​1174 square centimeters has not become too small, but the body is greatly slimmer compared to the J8 series, which means that the effective space utilization has been improved. Rate; supports simultaneous printing of five consumables, while J8 is seven; the resin capacity of a single consumable box is 1.1 kg, while J8 is 4 kg. Through this set of data, we can have a basic impression of J55.

Tell me more about its advantages. One is a patented rotary printing platform, which brings high-efficiency printing speed and lower noise, within 53 decibels; equipped with an air filter system, which does not emit odorous gases, and is more suitable for indoor environments; supports surface texture options and can simulate fabrics , Wood, leather and other surface textures, plus full-color support, faithfully present the designer’s creativity in kind; adapt to GrabCAD Print software to achieve a seamless connection from design to 3D printing, which facilitates rapid iteration and shortens product development cycle ; The minimum layer thickness is 18 microns, and the printing effect is very delicate and smooth. PolyJet 3D printing technology has always been Stratasys’ killer feature, and it focuses on mid-to-high-end applications; now the trend of advanced technology decentralization and lower thresholds is becoming more and more clear, and the future will depend on the installed capacity of J55. This new 3D printer will be available in North America in July 2020.

Viewpoint of Saina D450 3D printer: On April 22, Zhuhai Saina released desktop-level full-color 3D printers D450 and D450plus, which use the same rotary printing platform as the J55 just released by Stratasys, and are also multi-material color jet printing technology. It is a domestic upstart, the other is a veteran American brand, which launched direct competitors almost at the same time. The product design of J55 continues the design concept of the F123 series space capsule with a stronger sense of science and technology. However, the design of Saina’s products is quite satisfactory, and the difference in appearance is still It is relatively large, with an effective printing area of ​​1512 square centimeters, which is larger than J55. From the release time, Senna is one step ahead. In the face of the potential demand of the Chinese market, how will the US$100,000 J55 face the competition from domestic products in the future? It is not clear. Obviously these two new products must be Maimang’s direct competitors to the needle point. 

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