At the beginning of last year, the Swiss brand NOW 3D printed a set of generative design fixtures through SLS and passed the simulation test environment. The new collaboration between Stratasys and Slicelab + Fequalsf (Aaron Porterfield) produced a new set of 3D printed ski fixtures. The device is produced using Stratasys Origin One high-speed photopolymerization 3D printer, using Loctite 3172 material. The 3D printed fixture performed perfectly in the functional test.

In order to be able to withstand the extreme load conditions experienced when skiing, the fixed decoration uses finite element analysis tools to create a topology optimization solution, which produces internal lattices of different thicknesses while adapting to the boots. The strategic changes in the geometry of the mountains behind are Additional support is provided when needed. In addition to bringing new looks and functions to the sport, this set of shoes also demonstrates the high-functional component performance that can be achieved on the Origin One system.

The Loctite 3172 material used in the Stratasys Origin One system is produced by Henkel. It is a durable, tough and impact-resistant material designed for functional applications that need to be performed under pressure and high load conditions. This material has properties similar to polypropylene (PP) and is used to produce functional parts that require high hardness. It has good surface finish and high impact resistance. Therefore, it is also considered to be mold applications, manufacturing auxiliary tools, brackets, fixtures, and housings. Ideal for consumer applications (such as insoles).

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