California startup KAV has recently expanded its product range and launched a 3D printed bicycle helmet for the consumer market.

This is another protective product after its ice hockey customized 3D printed helmet.

Compared with traditional foam helmets, KAV’s 3D printed helmets are more slender, which helps reduce resistance, and have higher coverage, and most importantly, they are customized to size. KAV stated that customers will receive a tailor-made toolkit, which they use to submit a series of measurement data. Then, KAV’s machine learning algorithm generates a virtual model of the customer’s head as the basis for the helmet size. Then use 3D Printing technology to manufacture tailor-made helmets and complete them by hand. This 3D printed helmet is based on KAV’s hexagonal compression structure, designed to maximize the airflow around the head and absorb shocks. This structure is the same as that used in hockey helmets, but optimized for cycling. 

The new 3D printed bicycle helmet is made of FDM 3D printing and a new proprietary polymer. It is lighter than the TPU of the KAV hockey helmet and can absorb the impact of higher speeds in cycling. KAV has also updated the slicer program used to develop bicycle helmets, which will also improve the quality of its ice hockey helmets. KAV’s 3D printed bicycle helmets will be showcased through a Kickstarter crowdfunding event. Every custom helmet ordered comes with a fit guarantee, a five-year warranty and a collision protection policy.

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