In order to continuously promote the innovation and R&D of medical device products, ensure high-quality local technology and a stable and safe supply chain, meet the procurement needs of the majority of production/R&D/purchasing engineers in September, and at the same time, in line with the tenet of non-extension service, Medtec China The first online business matching event was held from September 1-3.

At the same time, the first online conference live event was also held on September

3. The theme of the event revolved around the current situation in the middle and late stages of the epidemic, sorting out and analyzing the current overseas authorities’ Expectations and requirements. The 3-day online event received participation and support from experts, engineers, scholars and other practitioners from the medical device industry. The event officially ended in the early morning of September

4. Affected by the epidemic, the physical exhibition of Medtec China is postponed to December 20-22, but the service of Medtec China is not postponed! The online business matching event will mainly present the introduction and product information of the participating companies at the Medtec China Exhibition as of August 2021, including company profiles, main product introductions, and related product pictures. Participants of the business matching event can find the products and services they need in a variety of ways, such as clicking on the menu bar “2021 Supplier” on the homepage to enter the exhibitor information page, or selecting the category they are interested in through the product category and filtering out related companies. You can also click on the 21 categories tabs on the homepage, including R&D and design services, materials, and production equipment, to enter the relevant pages. More importantly, this online business matching event provides “one-to-one” procurement consulting services. Participants of the event can click and contact customer service specialists to send specific purchasing or consulting details to customers. Medtec China has a specialist responsible for purchasing The integration and recommendation of resources help medical device manufacturing resource procurement and supply chain stability. According to statistics, at 9 o’clock in the morning on September 1, once the online business matching activity channel was officially opened, it instantly attracted hundreds of independent visitors and thousands of page views. The three-day event website attracted nearly 13,000 traffic, with an average visit time of nearly 13 minutes, and a maximum visit time of nearly 1 hour. According to data, most event participants came from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Beijing, Shaanxi, Anhui, Hubei and other cities. Please see below for samples of companies and positions of some participants:

The live conference hosted by Medtec China was officially started at 13.30 pm on September 3, and the conference lasted 90 minutes. Mr. Yu Zeli, founder of YUZELI MEDTECCINTANT INC., introduced the update status of WHO’s EUL emergency procurement list. At the same time, Europe and the United States were specially invited Regulatory experts-former FDA official & Chief Consultant William M. Sutton and French PRRC member Dr. Yves TILLET shared the supervision methods, attitudes and attitudes of overseas European and American authorities on medical devices, especially devices and diagnostic devices related to the epidemic during the epidemic. Intensity. According to statistics, this live broadcast conference attracted nearly 400 people to watch, most of the participants came from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Beijing and other provinces and cities. There was active interaction in the live broadcast, and audiences kept asking questions such as: What should domestic manufacturers pay attention to for possible remote inspections by overseas competent authorities? Due to the limited time, audiences who have questions can follow the Medtec China Expo official account to leave a message and ask questions, or pre-register to visit the exhibition activities at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on December 20-22. Teacher Yu Zeli will discuss the topic “Epidemic In the middle and late stages, how Chinese manufacturers can use the quality system to prove compliance to overseas medical device authorities” gave a live talk.

2021Medtec China will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall 1 and 2 on December 20-22 Held as scheduled, more brands will be unveiled with new technologies, new products and services. Some companies and exhibits are not visible to the audience in this online business matching. Click here to pre-register to visit, free field tickets and on-site lucky draw opportunities .

About Medtec China Exhibition:As the one stop of the Medtech World global medical design and manufacturing brand exhibition under Informa Markets in China, Medtec China brings together nearly 600 high-quality brand suppliers from nearly 25 countries around the world to provide product research and development for Chinese medical device manufacturers Design and software services, raw materials, precision parts, automated manufacturing equipment, ultra-finishing technology, contract manufacturing, testing and certification, policies and regulations and market consulting services required for production, registration, and exhibits covering the entire industrial chain of medical device design and manufacturing . Medtec China is committed to providing rich resources and advanced concepts for the technological development of Chinese medical device manufacturers, and providing strong support for multinational medical device manufacturers to establish R&D and production bases in China. Different from other domestic medical equipment products and medical exhibitions for hospitals and end-users, the audience at Medtec China is from medical equipment manufacturers, including decision-makers, purchasing personnel, R&D engineers, product engineers and quality inspection personnel. At the Medtec exhibition, you can find the parts, raw materials, design and manufacturing technologies and solutions needed for R&D and production. For more information, please visit the official website of Medtec China: or follow the official WeChat subscription number: Medtec Medical Device Design and Manufacturing. For visiting/exhibition/conference consultation, please contact us: Li Na Tel: +86 10 6562 3308 Email: [email protected] Medtec China Exhibition Organizing Committee “3D Printing “-Professional Readings for China’s 3D Printing Industry ( click for online Read )
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