On May 28th, the three-day additive manufacturing technology event-TCT Asia Exhibition ended successfully at the Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center.
As the first show at TCT Asia, Oqton demonstrated how its cloud platform can visualize and automate the end-to-end additive manufacturing process. During the exhibition, a large number of visitors stopped at the Oqton booth and had extensive and in-depth exchanges with Oqton experts.

Currently, additive manufacturing companies are facing a transition from design verification to mass production of terminal parts. To meet this challenge, companies must manage production processes more efficiently and increase productivity, thereby expanding the scale of operations and increasing market share. Oqton demonstrated the end-to-end additive manufacturing process of “order creation-processing preparation-production scheduling-printing-equipment monitoring-post-processing-delivery”. Hurry up and review the highlights of this solution with Oqton’s experts.
During the exhibition, Oqton also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Shuzo. Through this cooperation, the two parties will jointly improve the processing preparation, Internet of Things, production management and other functions of SLA equipment. In the future, Shanghai Shuzao will use the Oqton platform to interconnect its equipment in multiple locations, and monitor and schedule production in the cloud to achieve efficient and automated operations.
Mr. Wang Lei, General Manager of Oqton China, and Ms. Jin Yi, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Digital, attended the signing ceremony
To be one step ahead in the future additive manufacturing market, not only new technologies but also new ideas are needed. As always, Oqton will continue to build and optimize its products, promote the development of the industry, and help more partners enter the era of additive manufacturing mass production.

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