Aluminum plate stamping oil, aluminum stamping oil, can also be referred to as aluminum stamping oil for short, so what is the role

The chemical properties of aluminum are relatively active, and it is easy to chemically react with acids and alkalis, resulting in corrosion, rust spots, blackening, and mildew. Aluminum materials are currently widely used in automobile engines, transmissions, aviation equipment, and other mechanical equipment industries. Therefore, the demand for stamping oil for aluminum stamping processing is increasing. Stamping oil products provide aluminum machining speed and large feed ratio. The required good lubricity and cooling properties can extend the life of the punch.

Volatile aluminum alloy stamping oil refers to the lubrication of aluminum alloy stamping. It can be matched with quick-drying, volatile, no-washing, slow-drying, etc., or oily according to the process.

  • 1. Lubricity and extreme pressure of stamping oil: This is the most important performance of stamping oil. Poor lubricity will cause the workpiece to rupture, plate and metal sinter, product scratches, serious mold wear, and reduce mold life.
  • 2. Cooling of stamping oil: There are many reasons for the heat generated by stamping. The heat of friction between the mold and the material and the heat of plastic deformation of the material are all expressed in the form of processing heat. Especially when processing parts with complex shapes or materials with large plastic deformation resistance, the heat generated is greater. When this processing is continuously performed for a long time, if this heat is not removed or suppressed, the heat will be accumulated on the mold, making the mold The temperature continues to rise, the mold expands further, the gap between the punch and the female mold will decrease, the friction and the stress applied to the material will increase, and the local high temperature will cause the lubricating film to rupture, resulting in sintering, straining and Failure such as rupture. In this case, the use of water-soluble stamping oil can suppress the heat generated, especially in the fields of high-speed continuous motion processing and high-speed continuous automated processing.

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