Do you know it is a casting? Are there any brands of castings? Let’s go and have a look! The following is a list of the top ten Chinese casting brands in 2021 compiled by the editor of China Report Hall:

Ranking of Top Ten Chinese Casting Brands in 2021

First place: Wisopte

Chongqing Weishaupt Combustion Equipment Co., Ltd. is the general agent in Chongqing and Sichuan designated and awarded by Max Weishaupt of Germany. Specializes in German “Weishaupt” burners.

For many years, Chongqing Wisopte Combustion Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the technical services of fuel and gas combustion equipment, commissioning of fuel and gas equipment, coal-to-gas, and oil-to-gas projects in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places. Relying on the German “Weishaupt” Co., Ltd. and the technology development center, it has matched various types and specifications of thermal equipment and updated its technology, which has been widely recognized by the market.

The company adheres to the idea of ​​”loyalty and credit, customer first”, and has several professional technicians and professional after-sales service personnel. They will provide you with pre-sales consultation and after-sales service at any time. Customers who enter the company’s service targets will be included “Serving you for life” category.

Warmly welcome the cooperation of new and old customers. Weishaupt takes the principle of honesty and seriousness and small profit as its service tenet to serve you well.

Second place: PTJ Hardware

Dongguan PTJ Hardware Co., Ltd. drives enterprise development with innovative ideas, leads die-casting technology, and encourages users to scientifically design reasonable large-scale china die casting parts. We will, as always, adhere to the tenet of seeking development by science and technology, survival by quality, benefit by management, and service life. It is always the philosophy of PTJ Hardware to provide you with high-quality products using the most cash technology and providing products with excellent performance. Service will be our permanent promise. People from all walks of life are welcome to visit and guide.

Dongguan PTJ Hardware Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of “strengthen internal quality, external plastic integrity, quality performance is the foundation, application technology is the guarantee, and perfect after-sales service”, and pursues “manufacturing first-class products. Improving application technology and striving for the highest quality engineering effect” For the purpose, with the help of new and old customers, we continuously summarize, improve and innovate, and have achieved excellent results, which are deeply trusted and praised by users.

Quality policy: scientific management, creating benefits, quality first, serving customers.

Quality target: 100% qualified rate of products leaving factory, 100% satisfaction rate of users

We pay attention to the business opportunities of working with you, and cherish the long-term friendship established in the cooperation. We sincerely hope that new and old customers and the understanding of all walks of life will work together to achieve the future.

Let the dealers make money, let the construction unit save money, and squeeze every drop of water in the circulation link. Let your cost down completely. High-quality, low-price, and customer service have always been what we have been pursuing!

Third place: Miao Yong

Shanghai Miaoyong Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional thermal service company that sells all kinds of oil burners (light oil burners, heavy oil burners), gas burners, oil and gas dual-purpose burners and burner accessories. It is a domestic burner in the same industry One of the thermal energy professional manufacturers with the largest variety of burners, the most complete specifications of burners, and the strongest burner technology. It has the technology and ability to undertake the transformation of large-scale thermal energy equipment. Brands specializing in imported burners include: German Weishaupt burners, German Dreizler burners, ELCO burners, French CUENOD burners, Italian RIELLO burners ) Burners, Baltur burners, Ecoflam burners, Swedish Benton burners, South Korea OLYMPLA burners, SOOKOOK burners, etc.; burner accessories are mainly Covers: Programmable controller, fuel pump, flame detector, servo motor, ignition transformer, solenoid valve, fuel nozzle, ignition electrode, regulating valve, pressure switch, leak detection, fuel filter and gas filter, etc.

Fourth place: Black & Decker

Among Italian family-owned enterprises, few can achieve successful development up to the third generation.

Fortunately, Black & Decker has been 60 years since its establishment, and it has become a special case among these family-owned businesses.

Black & Decker was founded in 1950. Two friends, Mr. Giuseppe Ballanti and Mr. Ferdinando Tura, seized the opportunities provided by the rapidly developing market and opened up their own world in the field of heating.

Subsequently, it was considered that at the most appropriate time in the history of Ba & Decker, the most suitable person appeared in the most suitable position. At this time the Fava family began to participate in the affairs of Ballanti and Tura.

The three brothers of the Fava family, Augusto, Lino and Arturo, have already shown their talents in the early post-war period. They started from a small workshop and became the leader in the field of pasta drying equipment in just a few years. The family business Fava SpA Co., Ltd. was established. In 1961, Augusto of the Fava family joined Ballanti and Tura’s companies and held 50% of the company’s shares.

In 1987, the Fava family purchased all the shares of Black & Decker, and in the 1990s, under the leadership of Gianni Fava (the second son of Augusto), it achieved important development not only in Italy but also abroad.

As the third-generation successors of the family business, Luigi and Riccardo grew up under the concept of “responsibility” since they were young. This responsibility is from the father and the son, from Augusto to Enrico to the present third generation. In recent years, they have controlled Black & Decker and Fava SpA through the holding company Relfin S.r.l.

In the company, Riccardo put the family name aside, started from the bottom like an apprentice, and was initially responsible for handling employees’ daily affairs and external contacts. He started working in 1988 without any family “protection”. It is precisely because of this that he understands the meaning of “loyalty” and “responsibility”, thus accumulating experience and increasing ability. Later, his position became more and more important. Since 1999, Riccardo has become the vice president, chairman and general manager of Black & Decker. Riccardo is hardworking and enthusiastic. He regards various challenges and difficulties as a driving force for progress. He is also the most suitable person in the most suitable position.

Fifth place: Jinyi

Qingdao Jinyi Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in the production, sales, maintenance and technical services of thermal energy equipment such as burners, burner accessories and boilers. The company has been committed to the production, sales, after-sales service and technical improvement of combustion thermal energy equipment for more than ten years, and acts as an agent of hundreds of well-known burner brands and related accessories at home and abroad; the products are widely used in various types of industrial and civil boilers, petrochemicals, food, and metals. Processing, road construction machinery, glass ceramics, coating and other industries and equipment.

Sixth place: Liya Road

Italy Riello Group was established in 1922 and is the world’s largest burner manufacturer. The output of the burner ranges from 12kW-50.000kW.

Riello Group, as a professional burner manufacturer, has a production history of 90 years and has accumulated rich experience in the production and research and development of burner products. Over the years, Riello Group has always been leading the innovation and progress in the field of combustion technology with its strong strength. Riello Group has the world’s largest and most advanced combustion laboratory and a professional R&D technical team. It has always been a world leader in product development and production.

At present, the sales network of Riello Group covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world. It has more than 10 production plants in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Canada, China and other countries, 4 modern research laboratories with world-class level, and more than 300 A product series, more than 50 product patents, and 7 commercial brands. In 2004, the output and sales volume of burners exceeded 500,000, ranking first in the world. The operating income of overseas markets has accounted for more than 50% of the operating income of the entire group.

Riello Group officially entered the Chinese market in 1996 and set up a Chinese representative office in Beijing in the same year. With its strong brand effect, excellent cost performance, and complete sales and service network, it has achieved outstanding performance in the burner field. The sales volume of burners ranks first in the country.

In 2009, Riello Thermal Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Baoshan, Shanghai. The new factory covers an area of ​​22,000 square meters. Among them, the plant covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters and has 200 employees. The new plant in Shanghai will further establish the position of the Riello Group in the Chinese market, fully demonstrating the Riello Group’s confidence in the Chinese market, and will strengthen its leading position in the entire Southeast Asia and even the global market.

Seventh place: Hong Wei

Hongwei Electromechanical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Hongwei) is a professional company specializing in combustion equipment and water treatment. The company brings advanced combustion equipment products to the country, adhering to the concept of international professional equipment service, and closely cooperating with world-renowned combustion heat equipment manufacturers, recommending and recommending many internationally renowned environmental protection and energy-saving brand burner equipment and accessories, relying on government support, and extensively promoting energy saving Renovation and the latest combustion equipment, is the first-level sales agent in China for many internationally renowned brands of combustion equipment.

With the widespread use of natural gas, the majority of users have reduced fuel costs and saved combustion costs. The company has completely mastered the core technology of directly changing the oil burners of Italy BALTUR, Italy RIELLO, and Germany Weishaupt into gas (or oil and gas dual-use) burners. Use the original accessories of the original brand gas engine for transformation. The technical indicators and quality of the modified burner are exactly the same as the new burner of the same model, and the cost is at least 30% less than buying a new machine; the burner modified by our company has a free quality warranty for one year and provides Lifetime technical and maintenance services of the machine.

Eighth place: Penonico

Pyronics originated from high-efficiency mixers, burners and precise air-gas balance proportional valves (zero pressure valves) with a solid technical foundation. Through these combustion system components, Pyronics has grown into a leader in the competitive combustion industry market.

Burners, valves, regulating valves, combustion-supporting fans, flame safety detection and other combustion system components are all part of the product line. In addition to the gas balance proportional valve, the company also provides fuel-air proportional control valve, throttle valve, shut-off valve, pressure reducing valve, zero pressure valve, flow control valve, air pressure reducing valve. In addition, a full range of industrial combustion equipment can be provided, including a variety of internal mixing and premixing burners and oxygen-enriched or all-oxygen burners for oxygen combustion. The flame speed and length can be selected according to the application. Products also include low-nitrogen NOx and high-speed low-nitrogen burners. The complete product line also has Sens-A combustion control cabinets and a variety of gas or fuel lines.

Paronico (Hefei) Combustion Equipment Co., Ltd. serves a wide variety of industrial heating requirements, including metal smelting, glass, plastics, food processing, chemical production, textiles, polishing, spraying, waste incineration, etc. Both end users and kiln equipment manufacturers use Pyronics combustion systems to improve the production process and improve product quality.

Ninth place: The picture is

Shanghai Tugong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and promotion of thermal energy products-burners. It is a scientific and technological innovation company integrating product sales, project transformation and technical support. The company adheres to the tenet of quality first, service first, and customer first; for the blue sky, clear water, and harmonious and beautiful home, we are willing to work with you to create a better future.

The company’s products mainly sell imported burners and burner accessories, such as SICO, Riallo, BALTUR, ECOFLAM, Bentone, and Olympus of Japan. OLYMPIA and other brands also provide fully automatic integrated control cabinets, boilers and water treatment equipment. Products are widely used in boilers, coating equipment, smelting furnaces, incinerators, drying equipment, die-casting equipment, baking paint equipment, ironing equipment, food drying equipment, kitchen equipment, industrial furnaces, industrial annealing furnaces, road construction machinery and equipment, Various thermal energy industries such as asphalt heating equipment.

Tenth place: Zhengying

Zhengying Industrial Combustion Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in December 1995. It is a wholly-owned enterprise established by Japan Zhengying Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in China. It is also the only direct production, operation and sales unit of Zhengying Manufacturing’s products in China. The total investment of the company is USD 1 million.

Business items: production and sales of various aluminum alloy melting furnaces, heat treatment equipment, gas supply equipment and related equipment.

As we all know, the invention and use of fire have brought rapid development to human society and laid the foundation for the establishment of modern civilization. However, the use and consumption of thermal energy by modern industry has caused the human living environment to continue to deteriorate, and thermal energy resources are rapidly declining. How to use limited energy reasonably and effectively, improve our combustion technology, and minimize the pollution caused by flue gas emissions after combustion is the theme that Zhengying has been studying for many years. All Zhengying products are around this theme. Developed, designed and manufactured.

Since Zhengying’s products meet the needs of the development of the times, they are well received by users. The company’s business has also been thriving. In 2007, sales exceeded 80 million and the scope of business has continued to expand. It has been absorbed as a member unit by Shanghai Die Casting Association and Shanghai Industrial Furnace Association.

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