As an important old industrial base and equipment manufacturing base in the country, Qiqihar City, facing the domestic and international situation, if it wants to realize the “Made in China 2025” strategic plan, accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, and realize the breakthrough of industry 3.0 and breakthroughs for the complete machine enterprise. For Industry 4.0, we need to leverage the comparative advantages of our city’s equipment manufacturing industry, adhere to demand orientation, form an industrial chain around the value chain, build an innovation chain around the industrial chain, allocate resource chains around the innovation chain, and guide the capital chain around the resource chain. Qiqihar equipment manufacturing complete machine industrial base, revitalize the old industrial base.

Qiqihar revitalizes the old industrial base

Industry status

At present, there are 15 complete equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size in Qiqihar City. Among them: 4 complete machine enterprises invested and constructed by the state during the planned economy period, 9 complete machine enterprises formed by the gradual development and growth of small and medium-sized private supporting enterprises, and 2 complete machine enterprises introduced by investment promotion. It mainly includes major complete equipment manufacturing, rail transit equipment manufacturing, machine tool equipment manufacturing, agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing, and new energy vehicle manufacturing. It mainly produces 47 large series and nearly 300 products such as metallurgical equipment, forging equipment, floor milling and boring machines, gantry milling and boring machines, multi-station presses, horizontal and vertical lathes, railway trucks, and new energy vehicles. In 2014, the total industrial output value was 15.15 billion yuan, accounting for 62% of the city’s total output value of equipment industry above designated size.

Development goals and paths

Focusing on the above-mentioned key development industries, we will introduce and cultivate a batch of equipment manufacturing enterprises, break through a series of key technologies, enhance independent innovation capabilities, stand-alone machines to reach intelligent standards, improve the quality, performance, and reliability of complete machines, and enhance the core competitiveness of products. Enhancing the integration of the two industrialization and industrialization of equipment manufacturing enterprises, improving the level of informatization and intelligence, and laying a solid foundation for intelligent manufacturing. The product structure of the four traditional complete machine enterprises is urged to become more reasonable, the production service industry has formed a scale, and the development effect of the agglomeration of small and medium-sized complete machine enterprises has initially appeared. After five years of hard work, by 2020, there will be 10 new equipment manufacturing enterprises, with a total of 25 enterprises, and an annual industrial output value of more than 30 billion yuan.

Support existing complete machine enterprises with core competitiveness to adjust product structure according to market demand and increase market share. Promote equipment manufacturers with comparative advantages to drive technological innovation, improve the quality, performance and reliability of traditional products, and enhance market competitiveness. Actively introduce and cultivate complete equipment manufacturing enterprises and projects, vigorously improve the core competitiveness of products, and continuously expand the market.

Direction of development

Focusing on the “Made in China 2025” strategic plan, comparing with the ten major industries that are prioritized by the country, combining the actual situation of the city’s equipment manufacturing enterprises and the development trends of the upstream and downstream industries, focus on the development of high-end heavy-duty CNC machine tools, rail transit equipment, new energy vehicles and A complete machine industry with a certain industrial foundation and relative comparative advantages in terms of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Develop high-end heavy-duty CNC machine tools and equipment. Focus on the development of high-precision, high-speed, high-reliability CNC machine tools, improve product intelligence capabilities, and improve the level of enterprise intelligent manufacturing. One is to develop heavy-duty CNC machine tools. Relying on all numerical control to develop CNC vertical lathes, CNC horizontal lathes, CNC gear hobbing machines, CNC vertical high-speed machining centers and other products. Relying on Qier Machine Tool to develop CNC milling and boring, CNC gantry milling and boring and other products. The second is to develop light-duty high-precision CNC machine tools. Relying on all numerical control to develop high-precision single-column vertical turning and milling machining centers, high-precision hard turning and other products. Relying on the Qier machine tool to develop high-precision CNC milling machining centers, high-speed planer boring machines and other products. Relying on Yutong Company to develop ultra-precision mirror milling and grinding machines, PPS fast surface polishing machines, ultra-precision spherical lathes and other products. The third is to develop presses. Relying on Qier machine tool to transform German technology, develop Hank multi-station press. Relying on Yizhong Group to develop large-tonnage hydraulic presses. The fourth is to develop special machine tools. Relying on Qier Machine Tool to develop CNC gantry combined aluminum ingot milling machines, ring welders and other products. Relying on Huagong Machine Tool to develop heavy-duty ultra-precision mirror milling CNC machine tools, large-scale metal surface defect comprehensive detectors and other products. Relying on Qier machine tools and Qiyi machine industrial products to develop CNC winding machines. Relying on Hongxuda to develop CNC intersecting wire welding machine.

Develop rail transit equipment. The first is to develop heavy-duty express railway freight cars. Relying on all-rail transportation, we will improve the core technologies of 160km/h, 220km/h series box cars, flat cars and other products, and overcome key technologies such as low-power-acting bogies and high-reliability axles for large-axle trucks. With 45t axle-loaded trucks as the representative, we will carry out research and development of international high-end products and research on technical standards, and establish an internationally leading domestic railway heavy-load truck standard system. The second is to develop railway cranes. Relying on all-rail transportation, strengthen the technical upgrading of railway crane products and the development of new products, improve the technology of 1700t·m rescue railway crane and high-speed railway rescue crane, and build a world-class railway crane industrial manufacturing base. The third is to develop advanced rail cars. Strengthen the cooperation between the railway equipment manufacturing base and Xiangfan Golden Eagle Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd. to form the capacity for mass production of Golden Eagle Rail Vehicles, and build the only production and maintenance base of Xiangfan Golden Eagle Rail Vehicle Co., Ltd. in the Northeast. Strengthen the cooperation with Yongji Xinshisu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. to form the capacity of mass production of the electric drive GCD1000KW railcar jointly developed.

Develop energy-saving and new energy vehicles. Take “new energy” as the core development concept. The first is to develop energy-saving and new energy commercial vehicles. Relying on Longhua Automobile to develop new energy and clean energy city buses and intercity highway buses. Improve and upgrade its independent intellectual property rights of motors, electronic control and other technologies to ensure its core competitiveness, integrate advanced technologies at home and abroad, speed up the research and development, production and manufacturing of charging piles, and support the sales of complete vehicles to seize the new energy vehicle market. The second is to develop energy-saving and new energy RVs. Relying on Longhua Automobile, it focuses on the development of A-type and B-type self-propelled RVs. The third is to develop energy-saving and new energy special vehicles. Relying on Longhua Automobile, agricultural and animal husbandry vehicles, trailer factories and other enterprises, with personalized modification as the direction, develop high-value-added special vehicles such as snow-clearing vehicles, ice-cutting vehicles, sweeping vehicles, cash transport vehicles, and police vehicles.

Develop agricultural and animal husbandry equipment. Promote the development of agricultural machinery in the direction of achieving agricultural machinery equipment information collection, intelligent decision-making, and precise operation, improve the technical level of planting machinery and harvesting machinery, and increase the output of farming machinery products. One is to rely on Yituo Dongfanghong Industrial Park Co., Ltd. to develop potato harvesters, rice straw whole-plant return machines, corn stubble field no-tillage and straw-covering planters, corn grain harvesters, and large-feed rice harvesters. The second is to rely on Quanlian Heavy to develop the 4YZ-4 corn harvester. The third is to speed up the construction progress of agricultural machinery enterprises such as Foton Lovol and Beifang Animal Husbandry.

Major complete sets of equipment. One is to develop complete sets of metallurgical equipment. Relying on Yizhong Group to develop complete sets of metallurgical equipment such as large-scale cold and hot continuous rolling mills, large-scale wide and heavy plate rolling mills, large-scale steelmaking equipment, and maintain its leading position in China. The second is to promote in-depth cooperation between enterprises in our city and China Metallurgical Group, relying on the superior manufacturing capabilities of the First Heavy Group, Qizhong CNC, and Qier Machine Tools, and leverage the superior design capabilities of MCC Enfei Company to jointly build a complete set of metallurgical equipment production bases .

Petroleum equipment. Focus on the development of high-end intelligent complete sets of drilling rigs. Relying on Jinghong Petroleum to develop complete sets of intelligent and automated oil drilling equipment, speed up the production of prototypes, promote them to enter the market as soon as possible, and seize the market share of high-end complete sets of drilling rigs.

Marine engineering equipment. One is to develop underwater wire saw machines and underwater nozzle butt machines. Relying on Qizhong’s numerical control to transform the technology of Harbin Engineering University, the underwater wire saw machine and the underwater nozzle docking robot technology will be transformed in Qiqihar City. The second is to take advantage of our city’s advantages in the research and development of new metal materials, strong mechanical processing capabilities and more skilled technicians to attract mature offshore equipment technology to achieve industrialization and production in Qiqihar City.

Food processing equipment. One is to develop a bone and flesh separator. Relying on Double Hundred Machinery, develop a series of bone and meat separators for poultry and fish, and give full play to its strong design and production capacity to provide customers with personalized special machinery. The second is to focus on the potato staple food market and encourage enterprises such as Shuangbai Machinery to introduce technology to produce potato food processing machinery. The third is to attract potato food processing machinery manufacturing enterprises to settle in Qiqihar City through investment promotion.

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