Ultimaker, a global leader in professional 3D Printing, today announced that Japanese practical technology company Final Aim, Inc. used Ultimaker S3 to quickly design the first automated delivery robot to be put into use in Singapore. Final Aim, Inc. cooperated with robotics startup OTSaw Digital PTE LTD to develop the robot Camello to solve the inefficiency problem faced by Singapore in the last mile of the logistics chain. Brulé is Ultimaker’s official sales partner in Japan, as a trusted professional and support partner, helping the team to achieve this cooperation. This robot has reached cooperation with large industry companies such as NTUC FairPrice and DHL, and is providing delivery services for parcels and groceries. Camello is a user-friendly robot with ergonomic cargo space and stylish design-most suitable for Singapore’s urban environment.

Yasuhide Yokoi (hereinafter referred to as Yasu), co-founder of the design and technology company Final Aim, Inc., said: “3D printing allows us to turn many ideas into reality. Ultimaker S3 is very easy to operate, which allows me to print while having additional Time to develop new designs.

Compared with other common prototyping methods, we found that 3D printing is more efficient in prototyping.” For Camello to be successful, its design must be intuitive and its use must be self-explanatory. 3D printing enables stakeholders to see and touch physical products, deepen their understanding of Camello’s concept and design, while simplifying and speeding up the decision-making process.

William Lee, Channel Director of Ultimaker, said: “It is indeed a miraculous thing to witness the collaboration between Final Aim Inc, OTSEE and our partner Brulé to turn this robot into reality.

This solution helps to improve The logistics ecosystem can be delivered to customers smoothly and efficiently, and at the same time can increase profit margins for companies using this solution. What I am proud of is that our Ultimaker S3 has contributed to the realization of this ambitious project. ”

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