On November 1, 2019, hundreds of domestic and foreign guests were placed in the 114-year-old Pinghe Packaging Factory in Wuhan, Hubei, which turned gorgeously, to kick off the Wuhan Design Day and the opening ceremony of the Fifth Wuhan Design Biennial. The theme of Wuhan Design Day this year is “Exquisite City”. This “Wuhan Design Day” event consists of the opening ceremony, the 5th Wuhan Design Biennale, Wuhan Fashion Week, Wuhan Creative Design Competition, and the 8th ICOMOS-WUHAN Unbounded Forum , Hankou Jiangtan Wuhan Design Creative Market, Wuhan Design Release Ceremony and other series of activities, 13 exhibitions, 37 various activities and forums will be held at the same time. On the first day of the event, representatives of 15 creative cities from 13 countries attended the meeting, including the former chairman of the International Design Federation David Graceman and guests from UNESCO. At the opening ceremony , Zhuhai Saina Printing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Saina”) formally established a comprehensive cooperative relationship with a state-owned management company in Jiang’an District, Wuhan City. The two parties held a signing ceremony at the event site.

The two parties at the signing ceremony will work together to build a creative design city on the left bank of the Yangtze River, and provide support and assistance for global outstanding design companies and outstanding design youths to settle in Jiangan. In addition, the two parties will also conduct in-depth cooperation in industry exchanges, design creativity, and brand promotion. This cooperation is not only conducive to attracting high-end creative design talents and projects from all over the country to settle in Jiang’an, and promote the development of the local creative industry chain, but also promotes Saina to further explore more creative design application cases.

Sun Yuxiao, the sales representative of Saina, accepted an interview with the local media. In order to let the audience participating in this event have a better understanding of Saina, we sent the latest desktop-level color multi-material 3D printer-D450. D450 specializes in design studios, education markets, and small and medium-sized enterprises. It has seven characteristics: full-color printing, large molding space, high-precision printing, high-efficiency printing, mixed printing of seven materials, customization on demand, and low overall cost. The new star product we brought this time can be described as “tailor-made” for this event. In addition, we also brought exhibits in multiple application fields, such as pre-operative planning models in the medical field, and cartoon character models in the cultural and creative fields.

Desktop-level color multi-material 3D printer-D450Exhibits in various application fields This event will last for 10 days and will be exhibited in Qingdao Road Pinghe Packing Factory in Jiang’an District and other places. If you are interested, you can visit all offline exhibitions for free. 

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