A photographer named George Moua designed and 3D printed a special lens that enables ordinary digital cameras to take 3D photos. This novel “three-dimensional twisting lens” is FDM printed with PETG, which enables full-frame mirrorless cameras to take three-dimensional twisting photography, that is, superimposing still images together, giving people an illusion similar to 3D GIF animation . So far, this effect can only be achieved with dedicated retro film cameras, but the popularity of 3D Printing technology means that digital photographers can now also achieve this effect.

The special thing about Moua’s 3D printed lens is that it enables users to achieve the same effect with a digital camera for the first time. The original version contained three 30mm lenses, each capable of projecting a slightly different angle of view onto the full-frame sensor of the digital Sony camera. These perspectives can then be digitally “cut” and rolled like the frame of a physical movie reel to create a 3D swing effect. He currently only designs lenses compatible with Sony full-frame E-mount, Sony APS-c E-mount and Fuji X-mount cameras, but also plans to modify the lens for Canon cameras.

As shown by Moua, 3D printing technology can increase the originality of DIY to new heights. Recently, technology netizen befinitiv used a low-cost 3D printer to turn a 50-year-old analog camera into a digital camera. By replacing the retro Cosina Hi-Lite DLR film roll with a Raspberry Pi and its 3D printed case, the content creator was able to bring modern full HD image and video recording capabilities to his camera.

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