With the increasing maturity of 3D Printing technology, many hand-made companies have begun to contact. For many hand-made enthusiasts, it is undoubtedly a great boon for the hand-made industry. Many people are also beginning to worry about whether 3D printing products will be outlawed. Losing the animation figure market, after all, in terms of printing accuracy and technology, it can be completely restored to the prototype of the animation figure one by one.

The Japanese model group, which rose early before the development of 3D printing technology, was still in the hand-crafted era at the time. Most of the mecha modeling needed to be done by hand. In the era when there was no 3D printing, the technology of these works was first-class. However, with the reduction of the mecha manual market in recent years, most of the hands can basically be restored by 3D printing, and as a high-precision 3D printer, it has a more obvious advantage in this regard, which is what we often call light curing. 3D printer. With the development of the times, we can gradually discover that 3D printing is playing more and more roles in animation exhibitions, and the technology is becoming more and more mature. The printing has high precision, but the printing still has layer patterns.

If it is a mecha figure that pursues higher details, the follow-up needs to be polished by hand. For models with high detail processing requirements, 3D The printer obviously still has certain limitations. Secondly, for realistic models, the products printed by 3D printers cannot be completed for realism with more texture details. In terms of character models, most of them are now basically completed by 3D printing, but there are still some post-rework, especially for computers. The thickness, muscle trend, thickness, posture and other angle problems can not be found. In general, 3D printed products will still change the hand-made industry, but if it comes to replacing, at present, 3D printed products still have some detailed limitations. Therefore, the two are still developing at the same time, but with With the provision of future technology, the hand-made market is still full of unknowns.  

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