German 3D printer manufacturer Rapid Shape has recently expanded its cooperation with the chemical company Henkel, aiming to develop Henkel’s material process for Rapid Shape’s DLP 3D Printing technology to create innovative 3D printing applications. According to the expanded cooperation agreement, Rapid Shape becomes a member of Henkel’s open materials platform, where materials used by Henkel for open 3D printers are certified. At the same time, Henkel will apply Rapid Shape’s DLP system in its 3D printing ecosystem and use this technology to serve its customer base.

Philipp Loosen, Head of Henkel 3D Printing, said: “We are committed to further expanding our open source material approach. We are very pleased that Rapid Shape provides technical support for our high-performance materials. Both parties will further develop, evaluate and promote 3D printing solutions, thereby It can provide customized applications for the mass production of additive manufacturing in various industries.” Rapid Shape specializes in the development of DLP 3D printers for the dental, jewelry, industrial goods and hearing aid industries. Rapid Shape’s technology uses a patented force feedback DLP 3D printing (Force Feedback DLP 3D printing) method, that is, the device detects the dispersion force during the printing process, thereby ensuring a sensitive separation process and improving printing speed and quality.

The Rapid Shape system 130+ is designed to meet fast, flexible and semi-automatic printing, with a printing area of ​​151 x 85 mm and a projector resolution of 1920 x 1080. In 2018, the company also launched a series of new products for the hearing aid industry 3D printers, including Studio-Line HA20 II, HA30 II and HA40 II systems. The purpose of the cooperation between the two parties is to develop high-performance materials for DLP technology. Currently, the two parties have tested some of Henkel’s materials on the Rapid Shape 130+ 3D printer, including Loctite 3D 3820 ultra-transparent resin. This material provides customers in the health industry with a way to obtain 3D printed transparent high-performance parts that can be used for visual flow inspection, lids, and lenses. Rapid Shape CEO Andreas Schultheiss said: “The continuous development of materials and printers has opened up new opportunities for various industries. Through cooperation with Henkel, we believe that we can provide important value for customers seeking high-performance materials and machine solutions. ”

In addition to the aforementioned Loctite 3D 3820 ultra-transparent resin, Henkel also collaborated with 3D start-up company Origin to develop a new fire-resistant photopolymer last week. In addition, the company has also reached a cooperation with Shapeways, New York’s 3D printing market and service bureau, to use Loctite materials to provide customers with the required 3D printing services. At the same time, the two parties are also committed to expanding Henkel’s supply of large-scale additive manufacturing materials.

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