From October 24th to October 25th, the “Uniontech2019 Global Agent Conference” organized by Uniontech was grandly opened in Shanghai Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology City. More than 20 global outstanding agents from 15 countries were invited to attend. This conference focused on analyzing future trends in the global additive market, conducting in-depth exchanges on how to promote the development of 3D Printing in the global market, and laying out the joint strategic plan of Luen Thai Technology’s global agents. At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Ma Jinsong, general manager of Luentech Technology, expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to the partners from overseas on behalf of the company. He said: “In the past two decades, we have achieved rapid growth, especially between 2012 and 2018. We have undergone four rounds of financing and have strong financial capabilities. The corporate mission of Luen Thai Technology is to “provide excellent 3D printing. System solutions, using 3D printing technology to innovate traditional manufacturing and business models.” Therefore, we yearn for global partners and once again pass on Luen Thai’s internationalization strategy. We will maintain continuous investment in the global market and continue to optimize the quality of our products. , Improve the overseas technical support system, continue to develop and innovate our products and technologies, provide partners with better and more technical support, and jointly open up new market areas.”

Mr. Ma Jinsong, general manager of Luen Thai Technology, deputy vice president of Luen Thai Technology General Manager Wang Chao summarized the development of overseas markets in the first half of 2019, analyzed the trend of the global additive market in the future, and clarified the direction of the joint strategic planning layout of Luentech’s global agents. During the conference, in-depth exchanges and discussions on how to promote China’s 3D printing technology to enter the global application market. 

The deputy general manager of Luen Thai Technology, Mr. Wang Chao,R&D Director, Dr. Yu Qingxiao, announced the release of Luen Thai’s new products in 2019. Shanghai Liantai Technology always pays close attention to the market development trend and the diversified needs of customers, and strives to make its products become core competitiveness, and constantly upgrades its technical products to meet the needs of market development. Only the continuous innovation of technology and products can be the front-end market. Continuously bring new opportunities. Dr. Yu Qingxiao, R&D Director of Luen Thai TechnologyThis conference also invited top technology companies in the 3D printing industry from Taiwan, the United States, Belgium, Dubai, India, Germany and other 3D printing industry to discuss the future manufacturing direction and the development and development of new materials and manufacturing optimization process software solutions in the light curing 3D printing market. Application for explanation and demonstration.

At the end of the meeting, everyone visited Luen Thai’s R&D base, production base, and application exhibition hall. They highly affirmed the current Luen Thai’s 3D printing technology, application solution cloud printing system and the coverage of the industry involved. The management of Luen Thai Technology and the next team led the next team to visit Luen Thai Technology’s Shanghai customer-Jun Chen 3D printing service factory, and saw dozens of non-stop 3D printing equipment in large-scale production. Development is full of confidence and hope.

 In the era of Industry 4.0, the combination of digital technology and Internet technology has led to the vigorous development of 3D printing technology. 3D printing technology is a return of industrial manufacturing methods. Previously, it was manual customized production, while 3D printing technology was a kind of large-scale personalized production. 3D printing technology transforms manufacturing from traditional production to high-end intelligent manufacturing, provides high-quality solutions for various sub-industries, realizes customer value differentiation, system product standardization, channel support localization, and creates more for end users and partners More opportunities for cooperation will bring a win-win situation for all parties. The explosion period of 3D printing is far from coming, and there is still a lot of room for development in the market. Looking forward to the future, Luen Thai Technology will work shoulder to shoulder with everyone to meet new opportunities and challenges, integrate high-quality resources, help partners, and create greater value for customers. So far, the “Uniontech 2019 Global Agent Conference” ended successfully in a warm atmosphere. 

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