Recently, China’s first retractable landscape footbridge made with 3D Printing technology was unveiled in Shanghai. The project is located in the old Jiaoyun Wharf along the Wanzao Bang coast line in the northern part of Shanghai Zhangmiao Street District-No. 1 Innovation Belt Jiaoyun Wisdom Bay Science and Technology Park. The 3D printed landscape telescopic bridge serves as a connection between the riverside walkway and the high line The corridor is the only way to cross the lake in the park.

When the bridge deck is opened, nine panels are lined up. The panels serve both as the overall decoration of the bridge and as a safety guardrail. When the bridge deck is retracted, the nine panels are folded in sequence to form a full moon shape. At night, the LED lights in the panel handrails light up, and the reflection reflects like a bright moon.

Many visitors said that they felt that the bridge was very technological. Some visitors thought, “It can carry something heavier than itself, it’s amazing” “When you walk on the bridge, you can feel strong under your feet.” “The material of this bridge is very environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment. It is said that if After years of wear and tear, it can be recycled to make other things.”

3D printed panel details of the bridge deck. The name of the bridge is “The Ring of Ten Thousand Years.” The bridge is 9.34 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, and 1.1 meters high. The bridge weighs only 850 kilograms and is divided into 9 stretchable segments. There are a total of 36 triangular panels on both sides of the bridge, and a total of 17 quadrilateral panels on both sides of the bridge. The open state of the bridge can be controlled through the mobile phone’s Bluetooth. Press the button and it can be opened in just one minute for people to pass through. The bridge can carry 20 people at the same time and is equipped with an automatic gravity warning system.

 The chief designer of the 3D printing process diagram “Wan Nianlun” said that its entire bridge body and bridge deck are realized by 3D printing technology, and each panel of the bridge deck and bridge body is also different. The material of the bridge is called carbonated polyester, which is a composite material or a recyclable material, which is very environmentally friendly.

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