To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Shanghai Textile and Fashion Museum held “Songs, Moonlight and Brocade-Southern Minority Costume Exhibition” and “Silk Road Costumes and Customs-Tang Dynasty Costume Restoration and Contemporary The three major exhibitions appeared together to celebrate the birthday of the motherland together.

The “Southern Minority Costume Exhibition” organizes and displays the intangible heritage handicrafts and traditional cultural genes of the southern ethnic minorities through the textile and clothing skills and memories of the southern ethnic minorities, and promotes the inheritance and integration of the traditional culture of the ethnic minorities.

The exhibits come from the collections of Miao, Dong, Buyi, Yao, Yi, Zhuang, Li costumes and embroidered fabrics from Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hainan and other places, and drew a colorful and radiant ethnic costume for the audience. Picture scroll.

The “Clothing and Customs of the Silk Road-Tang Dynasty Clothing Restoration and Contemporary Western Scenery” exhibition restores a total of 8 sets of more than 40 pieces of Tang Dynasty clothing works, and undertook the Municipal Education Commission’s “Tang Dynasty Clothing Restoration and Combination” project for the Shanghai Textile and Clothing Museum The main achievement is to restore and reproduce the clothing scene of the flourishing Tang Dynasty with a scientific and rigorous vision.

“Technology and Fashion-Donghua Design Impression Exhibition” is committed to conveying the future trend of symbiotic design, environmental protection concepts, and artificial intelligence. It integrates 3D technology, ergonomics, machine vision, neural network and sensor technology, and taps totem culture and traditional craftsmanship. , Space technology and other design genes.

The two 3D printed costumes in the exhibition hall are particularly special-this work called “Dimensional Totem” expresses the impression of Huaxia Dragon through 3D costume design. Can you see it?

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