The “China’s Dental Industry in a Global Perspective” research report released by the National Health Commission International Exchange and Cooperation Center in 2019 shows that China’s dental industry is developing rapidly at a growth rate of 50%-100% higher than the GDP growth rate, and it is the global dental field. One of the fastest growing countries. The growth potential of the dental industry has exploded. As an industry participant, how should we seize the opportunity?

Digitization is one of the answers. Digitization can greatly improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment and the production of dental products. It has been applied in equipment, design, and process flow, but it is still limited to local applications, and there are few full-link digital solutions. Recently, at the South China International Dental Exhibition, Haig Technology launched HeyGears Cloud, a digital operation service platform, to provide dental companies with fast, high-value-added integrated tools, open up all production links in the dental industry, and realize the whole process. , Full information integration, full-link supervision, truly achieving the full-link intelligence, automation, and visualization. HeyGears Cloud has functions such as intelligent operation and maintenance, professional dental design services, automated data processing, industry application algorithms, etc., effectively avoiding information delay and manpower consumption, and comprehensively improving the degree of intelligent collaboration in the production process.

HeyGears Cloud adopts a lightweight operation method, which can be quickly used on the clinic side and the laboratory side. Not long ago, Haig Technology’s 2-hour club chairside solution was released, and it is currently running with HeyGears Cloud. The doctor only needs to upload the mouth scan data model, place an order design, confirm and print three simple operations, and the rest of the links are automatically completed by the platform. Haig Design Service Center takes orders very quickly, communicates plans and confirmations with doctors online, and provides guide design and drilling process guidance.

Through the 2-hour club chairside solution, the medical assistant can print the guide plate with one click, and complete the implantation operation efficiently and safely according to the drilling map, realizing standardized and standardized immediate chairside diagnosis and treatment. In addition, HeyGears Cloud can provide an intelligent “full view” for large-scale mass production solutions for laboratories, and realize full automation. The progress of the entire process can be seen at a glance, and the status of equipment can be monitored in real time, through efficient design, mass pre-processing, and visualization of production scheduling. Function to realize efficient connection of each link and improve production efficiency.HeyGears Cloud opens up the entire chain of dental digital production and builds a standard and efficient collaborative workflow, allowing clinics and laboratories to focus more on the efficient and refined operations of each business. A breakthrough in the application of full-link digital solutions in the dental industry is also another milestone in continuing to promote the digitalization of the dental industry. 

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