Guangzhou Lanjing Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lanjing”) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of motion control products. The products are used in 3D printers, photocopiers, medical equipment, textile machinery, bank teller machines, and stage Lighting and other fields. Lanjing focuses on the mid-to-high-end product line, from R&D to production, all independently completed. The “TDL Tongdeli” stepper motors produced include 25, 28, 35, 39, 42, 57, and 60 types. , 86 type, 110 type, linear motor, PM motor, etc., the annual production quantity exceeds 1.5 million units, and customized services can be provided on request. With its rich management experience, Lanjing has gradually grown into a professional motor manufacturer with superb technology and perfect craftsmanship, and is in a leading position in the same industry.

At the 6th Asia 3D Printing Exhibition held in October 2018, the person in charge of Lanjing shared the product concept and views on the 3D printing industry.

Can you introduce the original intention or background of the establishment of Guangzhou Lanjing?

Lan Jing: Thanks to the rapid development in China this year, the intelligent motion control industry has developed rapidly. The annual market size of stepper motors has increased by 15%-20%. Therefore, in 2013, the founder chose this step in the motion control system. Entering the electrical machinery industry, we first established a company in Wuxi. One year later, due to upstream and downstream supply chain reasons, we said that the company moved to Guangzhou and has been in operation until now. “3D Printing World”: Many fields need to be applied to motors. So, why did Lanjing choose the field of 3D printing?

Lan Jing: The founder found that in some application fields of stepper motors, such as office automation, security and other industries, most of the market share is occupied by leading domestic companies and Japanese companies. In emerging application areas, its application growth is accelerating, and the market is still fragmented. Especially with 3D printers as the leader, it is expected to become a new growth point of the industry in the future, so the company decided to enter the 3D printer industry. “3D Printing World”: Compared with other motors of the same type, what are the advantages of your company’s motor products for 3D printers?

Lan Jing: At the beginning of its establishment, Lan Jing made HB hybrid stepping motors. In early 2018, it established the PM permanent magnet motor division and expanded the quality, R&D and process teams. We are providing customers with product integration The solution has relative advantages and can respond to customer needs at an extremely fast speed.

“3D Printing World”: Compared with motors in other fields, what is the most difficult process in the development of 3D printer motors? Lan Jing: 3D printer customers have relatively high requirements for product temperature rise and noise. Our research team has spent a lot of time digging into these two pain points of customers, and there have been breakthroughs. “3D Printing World”: What is Lanjing’s product philosophy?

Lanjing: Lanjing’s values ​​are “integrity-based, quality first, customer orientation, and a win-win situation.” We use these 16-character maxims to create the company’s corporate culture and make products with sentimentality in order to achieve the common progress of customers, suppliers, and company employees. “3D Printing World”: What do you think about the future development trend of 3D printing? Lan Jing: From the emergence of 3D printing in the 1980s and 1990s, it has entered a period of rapid development in recent years, and the application fields of 3D printing have become more and more extensive. In the future, the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries will become one of the most promising advanced manufacturing technologies in the industry 4.0 era with the continuous advancement of technology. Lanjing has the ability and confidence to make progress together with this wave. , To become one of the excellent suppliers for 3D printing customers.

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