From the skirt of “Marilyn Monroe” to the Chinese kung fu of “Bruce Lee”, from traditional Chinese paper-cutting to the restoration of ancient cultural relics, from an animation to the movie surroundings… “Zhang Fei Print” was born in 2015 The 3D Printing studio at the School of Art and Design of Beijing University of Technology has played the “fun” nature of 3D Printing to the fullest, and has accumulated a certain degree of fame and fans in the industry, and now it is also assuming the important mission of popularizing 3D printing education. And it all started with two very “playful” teachers at Beijing University of Technology-Wang Wenyi and Zhang Yan. This issue of “3D Printing World” interviewed Mr. Wang Wenyi from Zhang Fei’s printing studio to see how they played on this “no return” road of 3D printing.

I haven’t played games for more than ten years. Changing to 3D printing is like a celebrity’s shy self-introduction when he first debuted. The name is’Zhang Fei Printing-not the second brother, it is 3D printing’.” Zhang Fei Printing Studio was just established in 2015, and the name comes from Yue Yunpeng’s cross talk “Afanti, the third brother movie, not made by the second brother”. With a sense of humor unique to the northerners, Teacher Wang Wenyi slightly modified the name of the cross talk, and used “Printed by Zhang Fei-not the second brother, but 3D printing” as the promotional slogan of the Zhang Fei Print Course Exhibition. Perhaps the studio’s name is too unique, or the 3D printed works are particularly novel. The first time Zhang Fei’s print studio participated in the exhibition, it attracted everyone’s attention. After the exhibition, this less “serious” name was inexplicably rooted in the hearts of the people, and the students who liked 3D printing at that time also became the main members of Zhang Fei’s printing studio. Wang Wenyi and Zhang Yan are both in-service teachers at the School of Art and Design of Beijing University of Technology. They have more than ten years of old colleagues and good friends. One teaches 3D animation and CG, and the other teaches digital media. Why did they start playing 3D printing together? Teacher Wang Wenyi said that this is a coincidence. “Before playing 3D printing, we had been playing StarCraft (the oldest version) together. After class, we usually pushed a game to relieve fatigue and relax. This game lasted more than ten years after I played it. Until I bought it myself. A DIY 3D printer.” Anyone who has played 3D printing knows that the quality of DIY 3D printers is not particularly good and often needs repairs. “Every time Teacher Zhang calls me to play games, I’m playing around with the 3D printer. As soon as he saw that I could not fix it all the time, he eagerly asked Ying to help. Although at the beginning, only two teachers, Wang Wenyi and Zhang Yan, were doing 3D printing, as they introduced this technology to their classroom teaching, they began to attract a group of like-minded students and friends who were interested in 3D printing.

Currently, Zhang Fei Printing Studio, as the laboratory of the Art and Design College of Beijing University of Technology, is already a small team with a dozen people, all of whom are classmates and teachers from the school. And also organized a club of more than 100 people in the school, and carried out frequent club activities in full swing. Although he is the leader of the studio, Teacher Wang Wenyi has repeatedly emphasized, “Everyone is gathering firewood and the flames are high. Teacher Zhang and I have limited energy and time. Using the strength of the team is the only way we can get a small amount of money in the previous stage. The reason for their achievements.” From “willingly like” to “going firm” Wang Wenyi commented that they are “particularly wayward teachers.” In the beginning, the two of them were full of love for 3D printing, and came casually. All the works were made “willful”, so many friends at that time sincerely persuaded Teacher Wang Wenyi to say, “Teacher Wang, you 3D printing Everything is very good, but there is no uniformity. One hammer from the east to the west, no characteristics and no direction.” And Wang Wenyi, who has always liked to joke, responded, “Who says there is no characteristic, the works we make have a unified characteristic. It’s all we like.” However, the joke is a joke. With the development of Zhang Fei’s printing studio, Mr. Following many students, and even followers who like Zhang Fei printing and 3D printing, gradually, the inner “interest” turned into the “responsibility” on the shoulders. Teacher Wang Wenyi sighed: “I feel that our situation is a bit like the movie Forrest Gump running. There are many people behind us running along with us, but we can’t stop running like Forrest Gump suddenly. Turn around and say to everyone: Let’s go away. Let’s go home. We really can’t do it right now!” So ​​all the projects that Zhang Fei printed and produced were after the team’s brainstorming, in-depth design, and ingenious production. There are many works. It took a lot of energy and effort from the entire team. In terms of 3D printing creation, Zhang Fei Printing has explored in all directions, from 3D printing creative products, 3D printing film and television props, 3D printing animation peripherals, 3D printing creation art, 3D printing decoration and decoration, 3D printing cultural relics restoration, 3D printing Stop motion animation, 3D printing mold development, and even 3D printing food, 3D printing musical instruments and other fields. “This exploration process is very interesting.” Although Zhang Fei’s printing studio has only been established for two years, it seems to Mr. Wang Wenyi that a long time has passed. Compared with the unimaginative monotonous life of going to class, leaving get out of class, playing games, and going home to sleep in the past, Zhang Fei Printing has experienced too many wonderful, interesting and unpredictable stories on the road of 3D printing in the past two years. Teacher Wang Wenyi said that the entire time dimension has broadened. “The most important thing is that these things are unpredictable and unknown to you. Sometimes you look forward to tomorrow, because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but it will be wonderful.” Perhaps this is why 3D printing is so attractive to Teacher Wang Wenyi The reason for this is, “It turns out that I just want to have fun and I am interested in having fun. But now I regard it as a career to fight for in the second half of my life.” But this original intention has actually been as soon as I stepped into the 3D printing circle. The seeds were planted in the heart of teacher Wang Wenyi.

In the interview, Mr. Wang Wenyi specially shared with us a very interesting episode when we just entered the 3D printing circle. In October of that year, the world’s largest consumables exhibition and Zhuhai consumables exhibition also held the Asian 3D printing exhibition at the same time. The two teachers Wang Wenyi and Zhang Yan have been immersed in their own world and have fun playing 3D printing. So decided to see how others play. The two bought special air tickets from Beijing to Zhuhai one month in advance, perhaps because they were more fascinated at the time, or perhaps the booking time was too early. The two only remembered that it was the flight at 5 in the morning, and it was more than 4 in the morning that day. When we rushed to the airport, the airport ticket inspector told me very politely that their ticket was from yesterday. Since it is a round-trip special ticket, it can neither be refunded nor boarded on the return plane, so I can only choose to repurchase the full-price flight. The original trip costing more than 2,000 instantly became more than 10,000. “The choice we both faced at the time was either to go home and sleep in despair, or to carry over 10,000 travel expenses by ourselves, and finally after discussion, we decided to fly directly to Zhuhai.” Recalling this little story, Teacher Wang Wenyi found it very interesting , He thinks this is an episode of his walking on the road of 3D printing, and one day it will be told as a story to everyone, but what he wants to express in the end is “We have firmly believed in the road we chose from the beginning So determined!” Zhang Fei’s printing science education plan is fun and fun, but Wang Wenyi and Zhang Yan’s main identities are teachers. Therefore, Zhang Fei’s printing studio’s current main responsibility is to undertake the school’s teaching tasks. The two teachers Not only did I add 3D printing to my courses, but I also applied for some 3D printing scientific research projects. For example, a scientific research project of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission that two teachers are responsible for this year is called “3D Printing Applied Research in Art Design Teaching”. In addition, Zhang Fei Printing also cooperates with enterprises to develop interesting, fun and influential projects related to 3D printing. “We inherit the idea of ​​”production”, “learning” and “research” advocated by the school in operating the studio.” 3D printing is in the initial stage of development, and the entire industry is immature. From the conscious level, many people have only heard of and seen 3D printing on TV, and have not yet formed the way of thinking and consumption habits of 3D printing; from the technical aspects, the speed of printing, the printing materials, and the accuracy of the printed products None of them have reached the consumer level, and 3D printed products that reach this level must be produced by industrial-level 3D printers, and their expensive prices cannot be accepted by the ordinary civilian market. Teacher Wang Wenyi believes that the ultimate goal for the 3D printing industry is science popularization and education, so they focused the current development strategy of Zhang Fei Printing Studio on this aspect and formulated a “Zhang Fei Printing Science Popularization Plan.” .

Teacher Wang Wenyi analyzed that there are already many 3D printing maker courses on the market. There are many types and numbers, but most of them are based on hardware or software development. Manufacturers selling 3D printers will develop 3D printers with hardware as the center. Courses, software developers who sell software will develop software courses centered on 3D software. There are few Maker tutorials developed from the perspective of education and teaching and the perspective of children’s experience of 3D printing. According to the above analysis, Zhang Fei Printing Studio will launch a set of 3D printing maker tutorials this year from the perspective of interest in 3D printing experience, the perspective of makers’ creative thinking, the perspective of edutainment and fun, and the perspective of popular science. They unitized, fragmented, case-based, specialized, and popularized courses, and processed each course as a unit, making each course an independent unit, and each unit has a complete course standard and course system. And supporting course materials. Fragmented courses: Set the unit courses into fragmented courses of 1 class hour, 2 class hours, and up to 5 courses, so that all unit courses can be arranged and combined arbitrarily according to the characteristics of each different school, and become a series of distinctive courses . The unit courses contain a large number of 3D printing case courses. Starting from the students’ interest in learning and the children’s sense of experience in 3D printing, many case courses such as 3D printing QR codes and 3D printing shadow puppetry have been developed. While completing the course , Let students experience the 3D printing manufacturing method, add science knowledge to the course, let students understand scientific knowledge naturally in the experience of 3D printing process. In the end, you can complete the corresponding 3D printing creative works according to the case courses, display them in exhibitions or participate in the maker competition, or send them as 3D printing creative gifts to your parents and teachers to cultivate students’ sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, and honor. A sense of belonging and belonging. Finally, Mr. Wang Wenyi summarized the characteristics of this set of 3D printing maker courses launched by Zhang Fei Printing Studio. “The characteristic that is different from similar products on the market is that the current courses on the market are basically because of the 3D printing technology. The course learns this technology; and the purpose of our course is that we have a lot of 3D printing creative ideas, using 3D printing technology to achieve, the core of the course is creativity and experience.”

3D printing this year can be said to be smooth, but the industrialization of 3D printing has quietly begun. Not long ago, twelve national ministries and commissions jointly issued the “Additive Manufacturing Industry Development Action Plan”. Teacher Wang Wenyi interpreted from several aspects: one is that the technical reserves of the previous few years are almost the same, and it is time to transform; For application guidance on demand, the state lists a series of industries and fields, aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, and biomedicine. It is worth mentioning the fields of education and training and creative consumption, which are closely related to the fields that Zhang Fei is engaged in. Related; The third is technology development. The original military technology uses market cooperation for military-civilian integration, and strengthens the optimization of resource allocation and the world’s international integration, and the global integration of 3D printing. Finally, of course, we must emphasize government functions and party leadership. In the view of Wang Wenyi, this basically indicates that 2018 will be a bumper year for 3D printing, and this is also his expectation for 2018. As for the future of Zhang Fei’s printing studio, Mr. Wang Wenyi said that he will continue to uphold the consistent style of “playing together” and hope that more like-minded students and friends who are interested in 3D printing will enter this circle, which will influence more Many people have finally realized the dream of using 3D printing to change our lifestyle and change our world.

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