Qin Maohua is a senior technician of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. He studied 3D Printing technology assiduously and formed a unique rapid manufacturing new technology. Using 3D printing technology to manufacture large and complex diesel engine cylinder blocks and other key parts in a relatively short period of time, he is in a leading position in China and saves the company more than 6 million yuan every year. the cost of. His innovative project “Advanced Rapid Manufacturing Technology for New Heavy Engine Blocks” won the first prize of Guangxi Advanced Tooling Process Achievement, and “Fast Manufacturing Process Method for Key Parts of Large Engines” won the China Machinery Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award. He has been awarded as “Guangxi Model Worker”, “Guangxi May 1st Labor Medal”, “Guangxi Technical Expert” and “Guangxi Excellent High-skilled Talent”.

An ordinary post with a sophisticated skill. He turned the precision of filing, shoveling, and grinding into his life scale. While the diesel engine shortened the production cycle with his and his team’s innovative technology, the life of a craftsman who created a new high in the industry with his exquisite technology had a greater life. He is a master of mold work skills and a senior technician of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.-Qin Maohua.

In 1999, Tan Maohua, who graduated from Liuzhou Advanced Technical School with a major in mold fitter, became a worker in Yuchai. Tan Maohua, who had just been assigned to the post, struggled to read the mold drawings. Fortunately, he met Chen Jinyuan, the master of “Bo Le”. “Don’t be afraid, Xiao Tan, you are much better than me. I only graduated from junior high school. Don’t I do a good job now?” The master’s words gave Tan Maohua a lot of confidence. In order to break through the blueprint, Tan Maohua became the “follower” of the master and workshop technician. While the master and technicians were drawing pictures, Tan Maohua was watching and asking questions if he didn’t understand. Slowly, he not only learned to read pictures, but also to make drawings. The fitter is a delicate job. If he doesn’t pay attention, Tan Maohua’s hands will be scratched by a file. There are still many old scars on his hands. In order to master the skills of fitter, Tan Maohua will concentrate on observing every step and every detail when the master is teaching, and then record it in the notebook, and then slowly ponder it after returning. Soon, Tan Maohua learned the “three methods and one fine” skill of master Chen Jinyuan. In just a few years from 2008 to 2012, Tan Maohua has grown from a young teenager to the company’s technical backbone with the tenacity of hard research.

In recent years, due to the company’s development needs, Tan Maohua has entered the field of 3D printing and is responsible for the rapid manufacturing of the company’s new products. “The feeding of the equipment is abnormal, the laser light path is easy to shift, the dimensional accuracy of parts is not up to standard, and the processed parts are easily deformed…” 3D printing has no experience in the application of new materials, new technologies, and new processes. However, Qin Maohua was not afraid of this technological breakthrough from the beginning. Qin Maohua led his team and team to revise various parameter settings, adjust material processes, and continuously summarize and improve the processing methods of 3D printing technology applications. After several years of technology accumulation, 3D printing technology has been efficiently used in production, and finally formed a unique new rapid manufacturing technology in this industry. Taking the production of a 6-cylinder diesel engine body blank as an example, it only takes more than 20 days to use rapid prototyping technology, while it takes 3 months to make a mold in a traditional way. The time is three times faster, which not only saves costs for the company, but also speeds up new products. Entering the market saves time.

From solo to collective innovation, after more than 10 years of “flicking and rolling”, Qin Maohua not only used the fitter techniques of filing, shoveling, and grinding, but also mastered a variety of operating equipment, such as 3D printing and digitalization. Moldless precision molding machines, welders, liquid sandblasting machines, airway test benches, forklifts, ground-controlled cranes, etc. Up to now, Yuchai’s diesel engine body blanks made with 3D technology weigh 4 tons. Using 3D printing for rapid manufacturing can save more than 6 million yuan in cost for the company’s mold development and manufacturing every year. From 2012 to 2015, Qin Maohua led the team to use “die casting precision forming technology” to develop more than 300 castings of various types and categories such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, tubes, and shells. The application of this technology is an enterprise It saved about 40 million yuan in mold development and other costs, brought about 20 million yuan in new profits, and the company gained about 200 million yuan in indirect economic benefits.

Qin Maohua is the “king of invention” in the eyes of workers. He not only has rich work experience and superb technology, he can independently solve various technical problems in the process of mold manufacturing and debugging, but also uses his accumulated work experience for many years to participate in many advanced innovations. Process operation method. The popularization and application of advanced process operation methods such as “precise positioning technology for precision mold assembly”, “mold narrow groove processing technology”, “a special chisel sharpening technology applied to clear corners”, etc., greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers , Greatly improving work efficiency and product quality. “One person’s power is weak after all. Only when everyone’s wisdom is brought together can we more effectively solve various technical problems and achieve technological innovation.’Everyone gathers firewood and flames are high’. Everyone knows this truth!” Tan Maohua No longer confined to his own “single fight” in the process of technological innovation, but to lead the team in collective innovation. In 2013, the “Qin Maohua Model Worker Innovation Studio” named after Qin Maohua was established, and was promoted to the autonomous region-level model worker innovation studio in 2014. Since 2013, the studio has carried out more than 100 technical quality researches, such as “Automated Casting Method for Diesel Engine Complex Body”, which won the first prize of 2013 China Machinery Manufacturing Process Technology Achievement; “Large Diesel Engine Iron-Wood Plastic Composite Mold Technology Innovation and Industry “Chemistry” won the second prize of the Workers’ Technological Innovation Achievement Award of the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award.

The “leader” who is willing to be a craftsman needs to be passed on, and it needs to be succeeded. Today, Tan Maohua has more than 10 apprentices. Every time he accepts an apprentice, he encourages his apprentices to say: “Everything must be done like a craftsman, doing fine, precise, and professional work. As long as he works hard. , You can live a wonderful life.” Whether at work or in peacetime, once there is a “fantastic idea” in technological innovation, Tan Maohua will share and exchange with colleagues in time, or ask some technical backbones for advice.

27-year-old He Shengwei is Tan Maohua’s apprentice. “The master is very enthusiastic! I was in the fitter department, and when I encountered a problem several times that I couldn’t solve it, I asked him for help. The master explained to me patiently and in detail every time. It would be great if you could always learn from the master!” He Shengwei at the time was extremely eager to work with Tan Maohua. One day, He Shengwei’s opportunity finally came. As soon as the news of the hiring of the technology department was released, He Shengwei immediately signed up and passed the assessment smoothly. Since then, he and Tan Maohua have also become a teacher-apprentice relationship between teachers and friends. “Qin Maohua Model Worker Innovation Studio” currently has 8 members, 50% of which have been appointed as masters and above in Yuchai. Tan Maohua has also been committed to building the studio into a platform for the training of skilled talents. Through the development of fitter skill level training, teacher-to-apprentice training, technical exchanges and research, skills competitions, etc., the skills are better passed on in the form of “passing and helping.” Go down. From being an apprentice to being a teacher, Tan Maohua used the precision of every part to engrave the scale of a craftsman of the era in an ordinary post. Maybe he is just a small screw in the engine, but he has the responsibility of Tarzan and the persistence of the protagonist. 

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