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From appearance, circuit to software, Hongrui’s products are all independently developed. Every year, we invest 60% of our profits in product development. We believe that product innovation is the company’s core competitiveness.” As the assistant to the general manager and product manager of Beijing Huitianwei Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huitianwei”), Mr. Cong Rihui talked about Hongrui 3D printers. Show a proud look.

In the short period of 13 years since the establishment of the company, Huitianwei has gradually grown into a FDM 3D printing equipment manufacturer focusing on independent product innovation by virtue of its insistence on independent research and development technology. How did Huitianwei forge an indissoluble bond with 3D printing, and listen to Mr. Cong Rihui sharing the story behind it with us. The indissoluble bond with 3D printing. Beijing Huitianwei Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 when my country’s information technology industry was developing rapidly. Since the core members were all technical experts, the original intention of the establishment was IT business as the core. It is to solve the key and difficult technical problems encountered by users during the rapid development of the IT industry at that time.

However, Huitianwei has always dreamed of doing business. As of 2011, facing the initial stage of 3D printing technology, General Manager Zhang Hongqiang, the founder of Huitianwei Technology Company, realized that the opportunity to realize his dream had arrived. The business has shifted from IT technology to 3D printing technology research and development, equipment production and sales. Since the promotion of business transformation, Huitianwei has been committed to the innovative research of 3D printing technology, and has successively launched a variety of desktop, education, and enterprise-level “Hongrui 3D printers” to the domestic and foreign markets, covering FDM, light curing, Biology, food and other product technologies, with nearly a hundred invention patents and copyrights in the core software, mechanical structure, electronic control, practical appearance and other fields. It has grown to focus on providing enterprise 3D printing application solutions, platform-based 3D printing cluster control solutions, A national high-tech enterprise with 3D printing innovative education solutions and medical 3D printing auxiliary solutions.

For Mr. Cong Rihui, before entering Huitianwei through social recruitment, he had neither a professional background in additive manufacturing nor experience in related industries, and he did not even know about 3D printing. By coincidence, Mr. Cong Rihui saw Huitianwei’s recruitment notice on the Internet. With the mentality of giving it a try, he went to Huitianwei for an interview. It happened that the interviewer was General Manager Zhang Hongqiang. During the interview process of more than two hours, Mr. Cong Rihui and General Manager Zhang Hongqiang conducted in-depth exchanges and communication. He developed a strong interest in the 3D printing industry. At the same time, he was also promoted by Zhang Hongqiang’s general manager’s modest, elegant charm and determination to promote 3D. Moved by the feelings of the industry, they left a deep impression on the company’s entrepreneurial atmosphere and harmonious culture. In this way, Mr. Cong Rihui followed General Manager Zhang Hongqiang and joined the Hongrui team. Now they have been working together for more than five years.

Mr. Cong Rihui firmly believes that in the next five years, he will continue with the Hongrui team. After entering Huitianwei, Mr. Cong Rihui participated in a number of work related to the 3D printing business. Now he mainly assists the general manager Zhang Hongqiang, responsible for product expansion and the development of some channels. In an emerging industry like 3D printing, many of the time they are advancing in exploration, and the difficulties they encounter are even more complicated. From technology to products to the industry, new problems emerge every day.

General Manager Zhang Hongqiang once said: “It is normal if there are problems, but abnormal if there are no problems.” But in the end, they can overcome these difficulties one by one, relying on their confidence in the 3D printing industry and the concerted efforts of the Hongrui professional team. . Independent research and development is the core force. The current era of innovation is winning. As a technology-intensive and innovation-led industry, 3D printing has achieved rapid development in recent years. As an important participant in my country’s 3D printing industry, Hongrui has used 60% of its profits as research and development funds every year since the release of its first product in 2012, and established its own characteristics and advantages in the mainstream product field. “Hongrui 3D Printer “After years of accumulation, we already have dozens of product models, some of which have been iteratively upgraded, and have been fully recognized by users. Over the years, they have won awards repeatedly and their market share in the 3D printing market has been increasing. With professional R&D and design strength and solid patented technical support, the series of products developed by the Hongrui team have significant advantages in many aspects and have gained a good reputation in the market.

Through independent research and development of 3D slicing software, perfect fit with Hongrui 3D printer. At present, Hongrui’s series of products are still based on FDM technology. According to industry characteristics and market changes in subdivisions, it develops products that are more in line with customer needs, while taking into account the development of other technologies. Huitianwei has a dedicated factory and R&D center in Xianghe, Hebei, which independently researches and develops hardware and software technologies to better improve product performance. Among them, Hongrui Z series of enterprise-level products can provide users with personalized and efficient 3D printing customized application services; Hongrui E series mainly serve the education field, providing one-to-one supporting solutions for hundreds of colleges and universities across the country , To promote the process of school-enterprise cooperation with practical actions; Hongrui M series mainly provide solutions for the medical field and contribute to the advancement of medicine. 3D printing is a general-purpose technology, and the application market is very extensive, mainly in the fields of enterprise, education, medical treatment, aviation, aerospace, transportation, construction, cultural and creative industries. After years of technological accumulation, Hongrui 3D printers can provide users with personalized and efficient 3D printing customized application services, which are widely used in prototype verification of industrial design, civil engineering terrain and construction sandboxes, aerospace test parts, and fashion Jewelry design in the world, historical restoration models of humanities research, furniture decorations for interior decoration, etc., also have in-depth applications in education, training, and medical innovation. There are many application cases of Hongrui products, but most of them are inconvenient to disclose too many details due to commercial confidentiality. Take the toy production industry as an example. At present, there are many Hongrui Z series 3D printers in many large domestic toy factories.

The use of Hongrui 3D printers to make spraying fixtures can save more than 50% of costs; toy factories can use 3D printers for appearance verification and communication assistance when determining toy shapes with customers in the early stage; 3D printing has the ability to replicate specific fixtures, but also It can well cope with the periodic changes of production capacity. Compared with CNC machines (computer numerical control machine tools), the processing cycle is shorter, and the accuracy of hand-made fixtures can be kept consistent. Time and place are in harmony with people, outstanding achievements Hongrui Hongrui team’s outstanding performance in the 3D printing market in recent years can be mainly attributed to the time, place and people.

Tianshi, 2011 is just when the 3D printing technology has just started. Everything is just beginning. It can be said that China and Europe and the United States are on the same starting line. With a favorable location, Huitianwei is located in the high-tech information industry base of Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing. Most of the high-tech companies in Beijing gather here, and a large number of high-tech talents and resources; Renhe, Hongrui’s core members are all old colleagues and friends who have been around for more than ten years. Everyone gathers together because of the dream of 3D printing. After years of collaboration, you can safely hand over your back to the other party, and the core team is expanding year by year, laying an important foundation for the development of the company. Up to now, Huitianwei Technology has successfully developed more than 100 agents and distributors in many provinces and cities across the country, and established offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Anhui, and established a 3D printing experience center in Beijing’s core business district. In addition to cultivating the domestic market, Hongrui is also continuing to develop overseas markets. It has established branches in the United States and Russia, and has established cooperative relations with more than ten countries and regions including Japan, France, and India. Mr. Cong Rihui said that even so, Hongrui There is still great room for improvement in the layout of the overseas market. “The reason why we insist on long-term is to face the global market and create Hongrui brand and high-tech products with international standards and independent innovation.”

With the hot online sales in recent years, Huitianwei has not been “absent”. The “Hongrui 3D Printer” series has been stationed in many e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Suning, and JD. The monthly transaction volume has been in the forefront for a long time. E-commerce performance is only a small proportion of their overall sales. This is because the main customers of Hongrui’s products are companies, and its strong offline channels have significant advantages. At present, Huitianwei Technology Co., Ltd. is operating well, and its business has achieved continuous growth. In recent years, Huitianwei has successively obtained international authoritative certifications such as the European Union’s economic body CE, the US Federal Communications Commission, the European Union RoHS, etc.; it has established an in-depth cooperation mechanism with scientific research institutions such as the Zhongguancun Institute for Innovation and Development and national universities such as Tsinghua University. Collaborative training of “3D printing stylist” and other professional and technical talents; was selected as an “innovative demonstration enterprise” by the China Association for Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion, and became one of the first batch of “China Additive Manufacturing Industry Alliance” council member units, etc.; Huitianwei’s ” Hongrui has also become a well-known brand in the industry.

Conclusion In recent years, driven by multiple favorable factors such as the continuous expansion of the market and the decline in production costs, industrial-grade 3D printers have developed rapidly, and their commercial value in aerospace, construction, and medical fields has become increasingly prominent, but the overall situation is still in its infancy. As a sunrise industry, 3D printing is driven by the continuous expansion of the market and the continuous improvement of additive manufacturing technologies and solutions. The future development prospects are worth looking forward to. As far as FDM technology is concerned, the improvement in speed, accuracy and materials will be an important breakthrough point in the future. In the future, technology will be the core competitiveness, large-scale production will be the guarantee, and the special equipment suitable for various subdivisions will be Mainstream, accelerate the breakthrough and development of the industry. In the future, as an important member of my country’s 3D printing industry, Hongrui will actively participate in various industry exhibitions, promote 3D printing technology to major industries, and strive to promote the market application of 3D printing technology; cooperate with industry partners to prepare and adapt Industry technical solutions; actively participate in activities organized by relevant national departments and participate in the formulation of industry norms and standards; leverage our resource advantages in the field of vocational education, and work with schools to train professional talents to deliver high-level 3D printing talents for manufacturing companies. As one of the leaders in the domestic 3D printing industry, Hongrui will continue to make efforts in the industrial and consumer markets based on its own technology and team advantages to achieve rapid enterprise development while promoting the further development and growth of my country’s 3D printing industry.

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