According to foreign media reports, the more fit professional cycling shoes are, the more effectively the wearer’s leg movements can be converted into wheel movements. This is the role of carbon fiber LoreOne shoes, because it is custom 3D printed to provide each buyer with a precise fit. LoreOne was created by the American startup Lore, in collaboration with Colby Pearce, an Olympic track cyclist and elite cycling coach. It is aimed at road bike cyclists and is a clamp-free pedal shoe, which means that it is mechanically coupled with the mechanism on the pedal through the splint at the bottom.

Buyers first used Lore’s Morphic iPhone app to scan their feet at home. This data is then sent to the company, where it is used to guide the customer’s shoe printing. No mold is used in the robot continuous carbon fiber 3D Printing process. Stephan Drake, CEO of Lore, told us: “This is the world’s first and only consumer product manufactured in this way.” The main body of the resulting shoe is called a custom carbon fiber air frame (CAF). , Is composed of the back side and the plantar side (upper and lower) parts, each time the shoe is worn, it will be interlocked around the user’s foot. Added to the CAF is a custom printed cushion made of polyurethane and recycled polyester, and a hook-and-loop fastener.

The finished product is shipped to the customer, and the customer chooses Shimano, Look or Speedplay insoles for installation. To guide the position of these insoles and subsequent adjustments, the position of the first and fifth metatarsals of the wearer has been marked at the bottom of each CAF. According to Lore, due to the precise fit and hard carbon fiber that prevents users’ feet from moving in the shoes when stepping on them, more of their energy will be transferred to the bicycle’s transmission system. The lattice structure of CAF also makes it very breathable, although the shoe does have three types of lids for use in cold or humid conditions. Drake said that a pair of US size 10 shoes weighs about 270 grams (0.6 pounds). Lore is now accepting pre-orders for the initial “Founder’s Kit” version, which will be limited to 277 pairs at a price of US$1,900 each. General supply and mass production will begin early next year. 

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