The 2020 Medtec China Exhibition will be held on September 14-16 in Halls 2&4 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. It is expected to attract more than 30,000 corporate purchasing decision-makers and product development, production, and registration personnel to visit the venue. With the government’s strong anti-epidemic policy and the cooperation of the organizer and the exhibition hall, the exhibition experience learning that has been successfully held, and the exhibition experience learning that has been successfully held, Medtec China will present a wonderful exhibition event for visitors and exhibitors.

01 Purchasing demand is strong, and buyers from the top 100 brands around the world visit. With the epidemic under effective control, various industries are resuming work and production in an orderly manner, and the supply chain is gradually returning to normal. As the mainstay of the global battle, the medical device industry has attracted social attention. With the support of national policies, domestic high-end medical equipment is in urgent need of rapid development. As a professional exhibition that provides upstream resources for manufacturers, Medtec China has continuously received visits and registrations from R&D/design/purchasing engineers from well-known medical device companies at home and abroad since the opening of the 2020 exhibition pre-registration system. Which well-known buyers will you see on site?

A list of well-known visitors 3M Boston Scientific BD Medical Braun Medical Fresenius Leica Microsystems Weigao Orthopedic Qiming Medical Kaiming Medical U.S.-China Double and Lepu Medical Leap Medical Lifetech Xinhua Ande Yangtze Group Kehui Medical United Imaging Group Le’ao Medical Meritage Diagnostic Reagents Sinopharm Group…

A list of some of the group registrations to visit the companyMedtronic Johnson (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai MicroPort Medical Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. Peijia Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Shanghai MicroPort Orthopedic Medical Technology Co., Ltd. MicroPort Shentong Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai MicroPort Electrophysiology Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang University Jiaqi Biotechnology Suzhou Co., Ltd. Shanghai Maiquan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Kangjin Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Meili Weiye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Gerrit Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Maitong Medical Technology ( Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. Mingshuo Computer (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Meigulong Group Ningbo Tianyi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Sino Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou Frankman Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Rui Ke Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai NewMed Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Baigong Huizhi (Shanghai) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd……. More buyer groups continue to recruit & send “group” to the backstage during registration to obtain a quick group registration method ~ group visits are also available Enjoy exclusive benefits such as exclusive channels and priority booking of meetings! Click to learn more. Booth sales work is coming to an end. The number of booths is limited. Scan the QR code below to book booths and establish business cooperation with more buyers. 

02 The German, Japanese, and Irish pavilion will join the German pavilion with cutting-edge technology. Part of the company introduction Audion Elektro A German packaging machine manufacturer with more than 60 years of history, provides customized packaging solutions, including fast delivery and the best spare parts service. German LPKF Laser Electronics Co., Ltd. rapid sample PCB production technology and equipment, laser SMD solder paste missing plate cutting system, laser PCB processing equipment, 3D-MID laser direct forming technology and equipment, plastic laser welding equipment, glass micro-processing system, etc. Since 1953, Rose Plastic Medical has a global reputation for its excellent blow molding and injection molding technology. Products and services: medical instrument tools, implants and related accessories, as well as medical care and laboratory diagnostic packaging, etc. The introduction of some companies in the Japanese pavilionThe Kaneko Wire Medical Business Division was established in Japan in 1932 to provide customers with interventional catheters for the brain, heart, and abdomen. Such as: micro catheters, angiographic catheters, guiding catheters, etc. Sumika Electronic Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides medical grade polypropylene and low-density polyethylene, polyethersulfone, polyphenylsulfone and other materials produced by Sumitomo Chemical, as well as corresponding technical support. Taicang Zhongxinlei Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly processes precision alloy tubes of SUS304/304L, SUS316L/316LVM, NB-1, NS-1, KV-2, NR-20, NiTi and other materials. The products are mainly used for medical equipment parts.

Some companies in the Irish Pavilion introduced that Aran Biomedical provides expertise in ultra-thin customized medical fabrics and advanced metal and polymer weaving technology, as well as high-precision biomaterial coating and coating of implants. Beijing Kling Ruisi Technology Co., Ltd. is a solution provider with lean manufacturing as its core concept, and provides solutions for customers in the medical device industry. More international exhibitors continue to settle in, click to learn more about the introduction of exhibitors and exhibits in 2020 Medical raw materials  |  Plastic molding  |  R & D design  |  Pipe fittings and extrusion processing packaging and sterilization  |  Surface treatment  |  Manufacturing equipment  | Contract manufacturing Scan the QR code Pre-register now and visit the site to personally view the exhibits and communicate technical difficulties with exhibitors

03 Gain insight into new regulations and quality regulations to help you grasp the pulse of the industryAffected by the epidemic, medical device regulatory authorities in various countries have urgently issued more convenient medical device access policies. However, recently, anti-epidemic materials have been recalled and detained frequently. In the face of numerous temporary policies and regulations, do you feel dazzled and helpless? For this reason, Medtec specially launched “Quality Forum B: How to respond to the quality requirements of products entering overseas markets under the epidemic” to answer you how to meet the quality control requirements of anti-epidemic materials laws and regulations, as well as practical cases from Chinese manufacturers to help you successfully go overseas.

Photos of the 2019 Quality B Conference. In addition, the concurrent conferences of Medtec China will continue to focus on “China Regulation Update and Response”, “Medical Product Lifecycle Risk Management Practices” and cutting-edge technology trends. Check the detailed conference activity schedule and register now to enjoy early bird Price discount Scan the QR code below in the last 7 days to register immediately to participate in Medtec China Exhibition Time: 2020.9.14-16 Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center Hall 2 & Hall 4 Data: 500+ exhibitors, 30,000+ professional visitors Medtec China Exhibition It will gather nearly 500 high-quality brand suppliers from 27 countries around the world, and the exhibits cover the entire industrial chain of medical device design and manufacturing. 3 days, one-stop shopping, you can meet your purchasing needs without going abroad, and help you improve your purchasing efficiency. China’s leading online and offline procurement platform for international medical device design and manufacturing technology solutions.  

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