American designer Jason is a veteran Lego fan. Although he is over forty, he still has a strong interest in collecting Lego models. For a long time, he has always wanted to have a Lego computer keyboard, but Lego has not released such a product.

To this end, he used a 3D printer to DIY a 3D printed Lego keyboard. This personalized Lego keyboard is beautifully designed with strong Lego elements. At first glance, you must think it is an official Lego product. In order to make this 3D printed Lego keyboard, Jason bought an entry-level mechanical keyboard from the Internet and removed the circuit board. Based on this, he designed the Lego keyboard frame and keycaps.

For the keyboard frame, Jason adopted a splicing structure design. In the design of the keycap, the classic Lego brick design is adopted according to the number of keys on the conventional keyboard. Jason used the software to complete the design and modeling, and then chose the red and black PLA materials, and completed the production of these parts with a desktop 3D printer.

Then, he used glue to splice the outer frame of the keyboard, installed the circuit board inside, and installed the keycaps in the corresponding positions through the pre-designed bayonet. Finally, Jason put some very characteristic patches and stickers purchased from the Internet on the corresponding keycaps, and completed the production of the entire 3D printed Lego keyboard. The final product is very individual and very beautiful, it shows a strong Lego element.

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