With the success of the Space X manned spacecraft, let’s take a look at which other aerospace companies overseas have used 3D Printing technology.

SpaceX’s manned spacecraft with integrated 3D printed parts makes full use of 3D printing in rocket manufacturing, such as the use of 3D printing for the engine and all the main components. Using its developed giant robot directed energy deposition system (Stargate) to 3D print the entire rocket, the first Terran 1 3D printed rocket is in production. Using 3D printing technology to manufacture the launch vehicle, the largest single 3D printed part was produced with the support of EOS. Orbit is working with NASA to study the method of using additive manufacturing to manufacture polymetallic combustion chambers. Participating in the NASA Artemis project, the project’s Blue Moon lander BE-7 engine is almost all 3D printed.

The pump and the impeller of the engine compartment of the newest vehicle Rocket 3.0 are 3D printed. Integrate 3D printing technology into the RL10 and other propulsion systems, and are applying 3D printing technology to the RS-25 engine and the new AR1 supercharged engine. Cooperate with Oerlikon’s 3D printing department for the identification of 3D printed next-generation Vulcan Centaur rockets and flying parts. Has successfully applied 79 types of 3D printed metal parts in launching satellites, and produced 3D printed components for telecommunication satellites through its Spacebus Neo platform. The first company to send 3D printers to the International Space Station and actually use them for printing tools. The 3D printed electric fuel pump is part of the NASA Artemis project. Successfully tested a 3D printed rocket engine powered by ecological liquid fuel made from plastic waste. 3D printed parts for NASAOrion deep space spacecraft. The main ESA partner for additive manufacturing technology for aerospace applications, 3D printing the entire platinum thruster, evaluating all 3D printable parts for ESA mission rockets, etc. CST-100 Starliner is being developed, which integrates many PEKK 3D printed parts and is a competitor of SpaceX Crew Dragon.

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