With the years of development of 3D printers in the home and education fields, Flashcast has also gained a lot of small fans. Today we will take everyone to meet these cute little Fans. The dream of setting sail This year, the 11-year-old former child Yi, is already an old fan of Flashforge and an iron fan at the same time. She has an Adventurer 3, a birthday present from his brother. 

It is reported that Flashcast has received emails from children expressing her love for Adventurer 3. “I have a flashcast 3D printer. It is my favorite birthday gift and the most envious gift for all the students in our class. Through it, I have gained friendship, knowledge, and confidence.” I have used it now. As a 3D printer for two years, she is already very proficient in operating the printer. According to the children, she has done countless works. Not only did she print out the models herself, but she also helped the classmates and teachers print various items. The following is the tip of the iceberg of children’s works:

Of course, this is also inseparable from the support of parents. “Since the child has a 3D printer and has taken a 3D Printing course, his thinking has changed a lot, he has begun to like technology, and will use 3D printers to solve some problems at home,” Yuan Yi’s parents said. “Like using a 3D printer to make us some pen holders, small clips, etc., we may need to make some models in our work, and now we will let the children help to make some simple ones.” Now Yuan B is able to design his own under the guidance of the two-year course. Some models are made. It is said that because of the enthusiasm of the classmates, they often have to queue up all night for printing. 

“The child who was a little shy in the class, now the whole grade children and teachers are asking her to make things with a 3D printer. The most important thing is that the child has gained friendship, is more cheerful and more confident.” The parents said again. Because of the 3D printer, former child B became the “darling” in the class, a good helper for the teacher, and an object of admiration for the friends. It also gave her the dream of becoming an engineer, “so that she can do all kinds of things.” It is reported that the original child B also wrote a sci-fi essay “Solid Fax Machine” inspired by a 3D printer, which was rated as the best essay in the class by the teacher and was praised.

Toy production toys come to introduce two 6-year-old twin children, natural and God.

The two children who are still in the big class have been exposed to the 3D printer not long ago, but now they no longer need to be accompanied by their parents to operate the 3D printer. “I will print every day as long as I have time. Although I don’t know how to model, I will ask my brother to help find some models to play. They can already play their favorite toys very proficiently.” At present, they have also printed more than a dozen pieces. Toys, the owl model is their favorite. 

(Printed by Adventurer 3) For the two children, Natural and Providence, Adventurer 3 itself is a “toy”, and this “toy” that can produce and create toys makes them extremely excited and full of curiosity. Recently, they have also started taking 3D Printing courses. According to their parents’ feedback, they were enthusiastic about taking 3D printing courses and chatting throughout the whole process.

Parents also feel that the form is good, which can let children learn about new things and help cultivate their creativity and hands-on ability. Children now like Adventurer 3 very much. They can print a lot of toys and then go out to play with the 3D printed toys. Other children are also particularly envious. In the future, twin sisters who want to be scientists, hope that the dreams that Adventurer 3 accompanies them will continue to grow with them. Concluding remarks Flashcast expressed that it is very happy to have so many little fans, and to accompany them to learn, grow, and move forward toward their dreams. To be loved by the flowers of the motherland in the future, Flash Forge feels a responsibility even more, and hopes that they can always be happy, not forgetting their original intentions, and realize their dreams.  

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