The “Medical Equipment Industry Development Plan (2021-2025)” plan proposes that by 2025, the product performance and quality of my country’s medical equipment will reach international standards, and my country’s key components and materials will achieve major breakthroughs. The five years of the “14th Five-Year Plan” will be the five years for China’s medical equipment industry to break new ground! The survey shows that by the end of 2020, there will be 25,440 medical device manufacturers in China, an increase of 39.76% year-on-year. In 2021, my country’s medical device market will reach 833.6 billion yuan. Medtec China has been committed to integrating global advanced medical technology and resources for 16 years, helping the independent R&D and innovation of Chinese local medical equipment. 2021Medtec China Exhibition The 17th International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition will set sail again at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on September 1-3. The scale of the exhibition is growing again, and it will gather nearly 500 high-quality brand suppliers from nearly 21 countries around the world to provide Chinese medical device manufacturers with design and software services, raw materials, precision components, and automated manufacturing required for product development, production, and registration. Equipment, ultra-precision processing technology, contract manufacturing, testing and certification, policies and regulations, and market consulting services. The exhibits cover the entire industrial chain of medical device design and manufacturing. Click here to sign up for the exhibition now >>>

The grand scene of Medtec China Expo 2020 As China’s first influential international medical device design and manufacturing technology exhibition in the industry, Medtec China 2021 is highly praised by industry exhibitors and audience representatives. 91% are satisfied and willing to Medtec China Expo. Recommend Medtec to colleagues. “Medtec focuses on medical treatment, raw materials, production, technology, processing, and manufacturing. All of this happens to be the best display space and distribution center for our customers to provide solutions. Therefore, we will appear on Medtec to provide customers with more Products and solutions are something we are very honored to do. Medtec is a very good exhibition, because here we will discuss our own (Momentive) products with our customers’ R&D personnel, product personnel, and marketing and sales personnel. , How can we help them, and also understand what their requirements for us. The audience composition is relatively high quality, the entire industry has coverage, and can often come with customers in such an environment Chat here, we think this is a very good exhibition. Our customer base, for example, domestic Mindray, foreign B Braun, and intermediate manufacturers, such as some large manufacturers that do OEMs for customers , Will send people over to participate in the exhibition.” Tian Ci, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of Momentive Advanced Materials Group, said in an interview.

The industry’s advanced technology products gather Medtec to escort the design and manufacture of medical devices at Medtec China 2021. At present, more than 500 companies and brands have confirmed to participate in the exhibition. Due to the favorable trend of the industry, the scale of the exhibition has expanded again this year. In addition to supporting and trusting Medtec for many years, the old exhibitors , A large number of companies appeared at Medtec for the first time, providing buyers with more options for purchasing. Shanghai FANUC, Suzhou Ellite, Sanling Line, Aymans, Chenglian New Materials, ELGILOY Special Metals, Nodasi, Hangzhou Chifei Ultrasound, Foshan Nanhai Yuanjin, Jiarui Medical Materials, Shanghai Snow Feng Precision Instruments, Dongguan Dingqi and other new companies will exhibit for the first time on-site such as automatic processing of medical bone plates, collaborative robot EC series, stainless steel round wire/flat wire, Grilamid TR transparent polyamide, medical mask adhesive, titanium alloy, Products and technologies such as behavior observation record analysis system, ultrasonic balloon sprayer, precision medical catheter, etc.

Gathering leading companies to point out medical equipment innovation and technical pain points Medtec boosts the rise of local high-end medical equipment R&D and manufacturingPart of the exhibits at Medtec China 2020: Deniper, Johnson Matthey, Handel of France, Sheng’an Plastic Machinery, Jiangsu Baisaifei, Shanghai Jiuluo Electromechanical, Shenzhen Dijia, Dongguan Rizheng Shangqin, Shanghai Zeli Precision Electromechanical, Dongguan Ying Well-known domestic and foreign companies that have appeared at Medtec for many times will participate again, bringing buyers precision three-layer extrusion tubes, precious metals and precision micro-processing technology, prefilled syringe needles, and Yankee tube extrusion production lines. , Medical equipment functional coating, ultra-clean sterile medical heat sealing machine, Babyplas micro precision injection molding machine, endoscope camera system cable connector, precision gear and medical blister box and other industry-leading products and technologies. Many companies, such as Vision Therapy Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Wanguiyuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Haikang Huiying Technology Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Tongjian Technology Co., Ltd. will showcase their advanced technologies and technologies in the design and production of high-end medical equipment products. Rich experience, including medical-grade power cords and plugs, electromagnetic compatibility products and services, light sources, membrane switches, sensors, cables and cable assemblies, ASICs and other related products.

Visitors can sign up through various forms such as website, WeChat, phone, SMS, and groups. Complete pre-registration. According to incomplete statistics, there have been companies from Medtronic, Fresenius, Philips, BD, Stryker, Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, Shanghai MicroPort, United Imaging, Maitong Medical, Weigao, Qiming Medical, Shengxiang Bio, Nearly 1,000 business representatives from Fosun Biotech, Henan Tuoren, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Second Xiangya Academy, and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology registered to visit. More professional buyers from leading medical device manufacturers, medical institutions, universities and research institutes will register to visit and purchase. “This should be the third time I have visited the exhibition. Because I think from the Medtec exhibition we can learn some of the latest developments in this industry and supplier information, and then we can see some new products and changes in some industry trends. Including being able to understand some market trends.” Fresenius Medical Research (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Global Manufacturing and Quality Asia Pacific Purchasing Manager Zhang Jing replied when asked by reporters.

Visitors gathered at a booth at Medtec China 2020. Medtec China 2021 will be held in Halls 2 & 4 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from September 1-3. It is expected to receive nearly 40,000+ professional buyers from across the country. As a professional exhibition and trade platform integrating production, education and research, Medtec China will also host innovative technology forums and regulatory summits during the same period. The heads of the enterprises gathered at the scene to present a gluttonous feast of knowledge to the audience, and also provided exhibitors with a platform for sharing technical knowledge and zero-distance communication with potential buyers. The annual Medtec China Exhibition.  

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