In collaboration with artist Ricardo Ragazzoni, MX3D started work on the Tresse project in 2020. This completely 3D printed stainless steel sculpture has now been placed in a private garden in southern France. In the process of looking for manufacturing partners, Ragazzoni went to Italy and came into contact with several companies that use traditional techniques, such as bronze casting or metal cutting. But these techniques did not meet his vision. He needed an innovative way to make this 4-meter-high steel sculpture. The last project named Tresse was completely 3D printed in stainless steel, and the tip was polished and gilded in post-production.

MX3D has a wealth of metal 3D Printing experience, bringing large-scale robotic wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) and its market, making metal 3D printing more flexible, fast and affordable. Now, the Dutch company is preparing to further change the market by launching the first dedicated robotic WAAM software, enabling companies, engineers and designers to print end-to-end large-scale 3D metal objects in-house. MX3D’s robotic wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) technology allows for greater form flexibility in shape and texture, and results in a significant reduction in materials. Compared with traditional manufacturing processes (such as CNC milling, casting), this process can create more complex geometries, and is faster and more cost-effective than powder-based metal AM processes. By controlling the entire WAAM workflow from CAD to printing, MX3D’s technology has many benefits, allowing you to complete the process from idea to finished product in one go through MetalXL.



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