Wuhan has been closed for a month. With the strong quarantine measures, the outstanding performance of the medical staff who have been fighting on the frontline of the war epidemic, the number of confirmed diagnoses showing a downward trend, and the gradually clearing and warming weather… Group”, the city where the pause button was pressed, began to emerge a little bit of life.

Zhang Haiou and Wang Guilan are a couple of professors from Huazhong University of Science and Technology who live here. They are fondly called “Hua Ke Curie” by students and colleagues because they have been working hard in the front line of scientific research and won a series of awards at home and abroad. They have been infiltrated in the laboratory all the year round. Due to the impact of the epidemic, they cannot go out for a long time, so they are somewhat unaccustomed. In addition, both of them now have a new identity-the leader of Wuhan Tianyu Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (“Tianyu Intelligent Manufacturing”) under Sinosteel International, and the pace of promoting the transformation of research and development results has never stopped.

Professor Wang Guilan (left) and Professor Zhang Haiou eat in the canteen all year round. The laboratory keeps camping beds all the year round. The scientific research keeps entering February. The Tianyu Zhizhi team is still in isolation at home, but can’t hold back to work. Anxious, so with the support of various remote office software, the entire company started a systematic online training and office model. From the latest trends in the additive market to the analysis of the domestic market, from R&D quality management to technical research, from market development to sales skills, from production management to comprehensive management, the topics of training seminars are basically covered in all directions, and the entire process is rich in information and technical content. Many, brain-burning links are intertwined. At the end of the training or meeting, the team also had a small easter egg—playing a soothing little song—even if they were in an epidemic storm and stayed behind closed doors for a long time, they, who are full of scientific research on weekdays, could find a copy. The “flavoring agent” to overcome difficulties together.

In an online training in February, Chairman Lu Pengcheng also personally participated. As usual, as soon as he went online, he sympathized with his colleagues and family members, especially if they had any difficulties in diet and protection. Mr. Lu’s unexpected appearance and his meticulous care made this training atmosphere more “warm”. The colleagues tacitly showed the masks sent by the chairman, and each of them said —— “All are good,” I’m just holding back a little bored and want to go to work!” ——”I look forward to returning to work and continuing to study technology.” ——”I don’t feel that when I stay in the laboratory, I want to go to work after staying at home for a long time.” At the end of this training, Chairman Lu Pengcheng affirmed everyone’s progress in recent years, and once again cheered for everyone. Mr. Lu said: “As a high-tech enterprise with independent and independent technology as its core support, Tianyu Zhizhi must not hesitate to quickly promote existing core products, equipment, and services, and at the same time think about how to use additive manufacturing technology for manufacturing. Upgrade new empowerment. ”

This 3D Printing may not be as you imagined.

As a high-tech enterprise with high-precision field as its core service, Tianyu Zhizhi is mainly engaged in metal 3D printing, metal component repair and remanufacturing, and industrial intelligent system equipment. R&D, production, service and other businesses. When it comes to 3D printing, many people immediately think of “3D printed clothing” or “3D printed architecture”, or even “3D printed pizza.” In fact, 3D printing technology has a more professional name-“additive manufacturing” technology. As a new type of advanced manufacturing technology with great potential, it is just the opposite of the traditional removal process (subtractive material) method, which realizes the manufacture of parts by adding materials layer by layer. These technologies have the characteristics of fast forming speed, high material utilization rate, short cycle process, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and because they can quickly manufacture various forms of structural organization, they are very important for traditional product design, process flow, production line, factory mode, etc. The industrial chain combination has a profound impact.  More and more designers try 3D printing applied to the field of fashion design  remanufacturing days Yu Chi-made metal 3D printing for Repair
As an important branch of this advanced technology, metal 3D printing plays an extremely important role in promoting the manufacture of high-performance metal components.

Professor Wang Huaming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, introduced that taking aircraft manufacturing as an example, there are currently tens of thousands of structural parts of a large passenger aircraft. If metal 3D printing technology can be used in the future to produce large, complex, integral, high-performance, and lightweight components, Then the number of fuselage structural parts of a large passenger aircraft may only be hundreds. At the same time, there is hope to transform the weight of the aircraft itself. Not only that, under traditional circumstances, the production of aircraft requires the country’s strong heavy industry capabilities as support, and the design time needs to range from 5 to 10+ years. In the future, using metal 3D printing technology, coupled with analog simulation technology, the development and production cycle will be reduced by orders of magnitude. If we can give full play to a series of advantages of metal 3D printing-shorter production cycle, lower manufacturing cost, increased design freedom, effectively reduce the number of parts, and the quality of components is more than 50% lighter than traditional manufacturing methods-or it will For future major equipment, high-performance metal structure material preparation technology, high-performance large-scale and complex overall key metal component manufacturing technology, structural design technology, and even have a transformative impact on the equipment production mode. As metal 3D printing technology has become one of the most representative and most concerned disruptive technologies in the manufacturing industry, the development of Tianyu Intelligent Manufacturing is also full of expectations. The world’s first, one is expected to lead the team as the chief scientist of Tianyu Intelligence, Zhang Haiou, who has been leading the team for more than ten years and the unremitting research results-“micro-casting, forging and milling composite additive manufacturing technology”, which not only combines metal casting and forging technology. 1. Successfully manufactured the world’s first batch of 3D printed forgings, realizing 3D printed forged metal forgings with equiaxed crystallization, high uniform density, high strength and toughness, and complex shapes, and more comprehensively improved the strength, toughness, fatigue life and Reliability, reduce equipment investment and raw material costs, greatly shorten the manufacturing process and cycle, and fully solve the global problem of high cost, long working hours, and inability to print durable materials for conventional 3D printing.

The upgraded version of “High-performance large-scale metal component melting-forging-milling composite additive manufacturing equipment” manufactured by Tianyu Zhizhi. This technology not only successfully broke through the problem of my country’s “card neck” being intelligently manufactured by the West, but also the world’s first “side-casting-side-forging” Technology, its originality and advancement have attracted the attention and favor of well-known international companies including Airbus and GE. With this disruptive technology, Tianyu Zhizhi has successfully cooperated with European Airbus, American GE, Aerospace Science and Industry, China Aviation Industry, AVIC, COMAC, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Weapon, China Railway, China Construction and other well-known enterprises and their affiliated institutions have jointly developed a series of high-end metal parts and components, which have contributed to the development of civil and defense industries such as aerospace, ships, transportation, and weapons. Lin Zongtang, a well-known Chinese mechanical manufacturing expert who graduated from Tsinghua University and the former Minister of Aerospace Industry, is an out-and-out metal 3D printing “fan”. He has been paying attention to the application of this technology in China as early as 2013. In the eyes of Lin Lao, who has seen all relevant domestic research teams and company technologies, the technology owned by Tianyu Manufacturing can reliably meet the high-performance requirements of aerospace forgings. While praising this technology and its application, Lin Lao even said: “I look forward to Professor Zhang Haiou and his team’s realization of the “Chinese Dream” beyond the West in the field of advanced manufacturing.    Tianyu Intelligent Manufacturing has established a series of well-known brands at home and abroad. Enterprises set up cooperation

The above picture-the fatigue performance test results of superalloys provided by GE in the United States show that all the high-end metal parts developed by Tianyu Zhizhi meet the performance standards of GE forgings; the picture below-the fatigue performance test results of titanium alloys provided by European Airbus are equally gratifying. In this way, the transition section of the 12-level ultra-fine equiaxed crystal engine manufactured by West Air using Tianyu’s intelligent manufacturing technology has been actually installed and tested for the same life as the engine. With the continuous development of technology, Tianyu Zhizhi will also form a complete series of results in design, materials, technology, software, core components, equipment, quality testing, and standard specifications. It has been applied in the development and production of high-end equipment in key areas such as rail transit and nuclear power. Driven by technological innovation and adhering to “innovation is the first productive force”, Sinosteel International has invested in Tianyu Intelligent Manufacturing with its keen insight and broad vision, and strives to continuously promote the world’s first “forging while casting” technology. Engineering applications are of great significance for realizing green and intelligent transformation and upgrading, innovative design of high-end equipment and rapid R&D and manufacturing, and leading pillar industries and military industries to achieve leapfrog development. At the same time, Sinosteel International will also explore the way of Industry 4.0, make full use of information technology to provide efficient, safe, green, and digital intelligent intelligent services, and strive to achieve technology development, production organization, process control, and supporting production. Intelligent, realize the self-perception, self-adaptation, self-diagnosis, and self-repair of the production process, and gradually develop into a first-class enterprise in the industry with technological innovation as the core competitiveness and development driving force.

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