Many customers consider buying metal processing spinning, but they know little about spinning machines. Apart from considering the price and performance of the equipment, they don’t know how to evaluate whether the spinning machine is suitable for their own product production. There are some important things to pay attention to, as follows Will introduce in detail.

Select metal processing spinning according to product thickness

When the wall thickness of the product is large, the precision of the diameter is very high, and the customer needs to consider the rigidity of metal processing and the stability of spinning production. The poor rigidity and precision of the equipment will easily lead to a high scrap rate of finished products. When the spinning machine processes thicker metals, the equipment will wear out too quickly after a period of use, and the processing accuracy will decrease, thereby reducing production efficiency. Therefore, customers should consider purchasing CNC spinning machine equipment manufacturers. Generally, the feed speed of the tool post of the power spinning machine is not as fast as that of the ordinary spinning machine. If the thickness of the metal spinning product(as metal spinning top toy) is relatively thin and does not require high precision, you only need to buy a metal processing spinning with a smaller thrust, which can save machine costs, and choose a rotary press with a faster rotary feed speed. In terms of equipment performance, the tool holder can improve production efficiency.

Select metal processing spinning according to product size

If the product diameter is greater than 1 meter and the weight is heavy, usually two people are required to load the material or a crane is used to load the material, and the customer should consider whether the machine is convenient for the crane to lift the material. For metal discs, if the spinning structure design of metal processing is not suitable for material hoisting, it will easily affect production efficiency. If the height of the product exceeds 400mm, it must be considered whether the center distance between the spindle of the spinning machine and the top of the tail can leave a space for easy stripping.

Automatic CNC spinning machine spinning is a special forming process. The rotation method can be used to complete the stretching, flanging, shrinking, expanding and edging of various rotating bodies of different shapes.

Select metal spinning according to the material type of the product

If it is used for the production of aluminum, choose a light machine with fast feeding speed of the knife holder, which can improve the efficiency of production; if it is used for the production of stainless steel, the spinning equipment should have better rigidity. Because the processing of stainless steel requires a strong spinning force, if the spinning force is not enough, the equipment will vibrate or the spinning force will hardly overcome the rebound force of stainless steel, making it difficult to control the precision.

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