The world’s leading specialty chemicals company Evonik and China Luen Thai Technology Co., Ltd. formally announced the establishment of the “Luen Thai Technology and Evonik Joint R&D Laboratory” in Shanghai, China, and recently held an unveiling ceremony.

Relying on their respective advantages in material research, equipment technology, and application research, the joint laboratory aims to optimize the allocation of resources, guided by market demand and trends, and jointly explore innovative 3D Printing products and services based on high-performance photosensitive resin formulations. So as to develop a comprehensive solution suitable for large-scale industrial applications of 3D printing. According to the plan, the two parties will carry out the development and application testing of high-performance materials for industries such as industrial, electrical and electronic, consumer goods, and medical. “Evonik is committed to promoting the widespread application of large-scale 3D printing technology across the entire value chain through ready-to-use material formulations.” Toni Schreibweiss, vice president and general manager of the Asia Pacific region of Evonik’s high-performance polymer business line, said, “Materials Close cooperation between manufacturers and equipment manufacturers is essential to open up new 3D printing applications. The establishment of a joint laboratory will further accelerate the speed of new photopolymer products into the market, especially for the fast-growing Chinese market. We We will actively contribute our expertise in 3D printing materials to provide more efficient and faster additive manufacturing solutions for all walks of life.” Luen Thai Technology was established in 2000 and is a market leader in super large-format industrial printing equipment in Asia. The company develops and manufactures printing equipment and supplies printing materials through subsidiaries. In addition, the company also provides additive manufacturing related services. Ma Jinsong, General Manager of Luen Thai Technology, said: “The transition from’prototype production’ to’scale manufacturing’ is the keynote of the development of 3D printing technology.

Among them, material innovation plays an important role. The establishment of the joint laboratory will further consolidate the foundation for cooperation between the two parties. The two parties will jointly explore a diversified and open cooperation model, accelerate the iterative innovation of the industry, and better serve customers. “As a commonly used 3D printing material, photosensitive resin has the characteristics of excellent performance, high precision, and fast printing speed. It can be used to produce very complex workpieces. The smoothness of its structure is far superior to other 3D craft products. Typical application areas include Automobiles, aircraft manufacturing, industrial parts or special footwear manufacturing, etc., so the development prospects are broad. Evonik officially launched a new photosensitive resin product line for industrial-grade mass production this year. The first batch of three ready-to-use formula products have Excellent mechanical properties, and all are one-component system formulas, stable printing, excellent anti-aging performance, very suitable for users to use light-curing industrial printing equipment to directly manufacture mass-produced parts. In 2020, Evonik subscribed through its venture capital department A minority stake in Luen Thai Technology. Currently, the two parties have cooperated in multiple additive manufacturing fields. 

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