A fan is a household appliance that uses a motor to drive the fan blades to rotate to accelerate air circulation. Mainly used to cool down, cool off and circulate air. It is widely used in homes, offices, shops, hospitals, hotels and other places.

The fan is mainly composed of a fan head, a fan blade, a net cover and a control device;

The fan head is composed of a motor, a front and rear cover, and a shaking head air supply mechanism.

The main component of the fan is: AC motor.

Working principle: The charged coil rotates under a force in a magnetic field.

The form of energy conversion is: electrical energy is mainly converted into mechanical energy. At the same time, due to the resistance of the coil, part of the electrical energy is inevitably converted into heat energy.

The Structure Of Fan

Rotor: consists of magnets, fan blades and shaft;
Stator: consists of silicon steel sheet, spool and bearing;

  • 1. Control circuit: The n/S pole of the IC induction magnet controls the conduction of its coil through a circuit, generates internal excitation, and makes the rotor rotate.
  • 2. According to the motor structure, it can be divided into: single-phase capacitor type, single-phase shaded pole type, three-phase induction type, DC and AC and DC dual-purpose series commutator electric fans;
    According to the purpose, it can be divided into household electric fans and industrial exhaust fans.
  • 3. The fan structure is composed of fan blades, wind hood, motor, vibrating screen, motor plastic cover, capacitor, support elbow, base, key switch, timing switch, indicator light, power cord, connecting wire, screw, etc.

Fan head components


Most electric fan motors use capacitor-operated AC single-phase asynchronous motors, which are mainly composed of a stator, a rotor, and an end cover.

Oscillating mechanism: The oscillating mechanism is composed of a speed reduction mechanism, a linkage mechanism, a control mechanism and an overload protection device. There are two types of clutch type and pressure type.

Fan front and rear cover and motor design:

The front and rear covers of the fan are mainly used to block the motor and prevent the motor from being exposed to the air. The motor generates heat during operation and directly prevents the user from being burned.

Design description of fan blade and net cover:

The performance characteristics of the butt welding machine around the fan blade: the welding process of the butt welding machine adopts pneumatic jacking, pneumatic propulsion and independently adjustable air pressure to meet the welding requirements of different materials. The controller adopts a single-chip integrated circuit control system, a high-precision toggle switch controller, and advanced technologies such as a single-chip integrated circuit control system and a high-precision toggle switch. The primary welding loop is controlled by a bidirectional thyristor to ensure stable and reliable current output. It is made of optimized design and high-conductivity electromagnetic materials, low loss, stronger power output, more stable, and longer service life.

Input parameters such as preload, wave head, welding time, holding pressure and welding current. Pneumatic butt welding machine is suitable for butt welding of common iron, steel, stainless steel, copper and other metal materials.

The net cover of the fan is mainly used to prevent damage and guide the wind direction! Generally speaking, it can also be used to prevent dust and safety! When used to prevent the wind leaf from hurting people, it also prevents some slight dust from falling on the wind leaf!

Design of fan base and control switch:

The electric fan control switch is used to control the wind of the fan, and the timer controls the rotation time of the fan, which is convenient for users.

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