As we all know, 3D Printing is a good helper for most designers and engineers in their work. Today, I will share some good home essentials that can be printed in daily life. What should I do if the windproof cover of the external wall of the kitchen is broken?As the exhaust vent of the range hood, it is a bit troublesome to lose the weatherproof cover, but there is a technician at home that everything is so easy.

Will Ani used Tinkercad to design the wind-proof cover for the ventilation vent on the exterior wall of his kitchen, and used Flashcast Leader 2 to print it out.

▲Flash casting technology leader 2 printing, material PC, printing time 8 hours Mikael Odström cleverly used the wall space to print a set of exclusive vacuum cleaner racks through Adventurer 3.

▲Flashcasting Technology Adventurer 3 printing, material PLA, 7 parts printing, a total of 24 hours 3D Printing consumables shelf 3D printing consumables are too much, occupying the desktop space is messy, how to solve? Jason Nascimento spent about 2 weeks designing, adjusting and printing, and finally completed 6 Star Wars Lego-shaped filament holders with a height of 310-330mm and a width of 160mm, which are both interesting and practical.

▲Flashcasting technology Wolverine 3+ leader 2S printing, the material PLA ceiling lamp buckle due to aging of the buckle parts, the ceiling lamp shade at home suddenly fell off. I cannot buy individual buckle parts, what should I do if I need to replace the entire lampshade? After measuring the size, Mr. Li designed three replacement snap parts, which took less than 1 hour to complete the printing with the Dreamer 3D printer.

▲Dreamer printing, material PLA, printing time <1 hour 3D printers can be used as emergency helpers or tools for storage and organization in daily applications. I believe that through everyone’s whimsy, 3D printers will also become a very useful treasure appliance in the family.

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