Recently, HP announced that it will open a large number of 3D Printing design documents related to the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic free of charge to help improve the production efficiency of key components, and actively mobilize partners in the 3D Printing industry chain to use technology, experience and production capabilities, and take practical actions as a guide. Contribute to global epidemic prevention work. As early as February of this year, the HP 3D printing China team cooperated with Peak Sports to develop and produce mask regulators for frontline medical staff in China’s fight against the new crown epidemic to relieve ear pressure caused by wearing masks for a long time. This application has also inspired HP to develop more 3D printing designs and form the HP 3D printing design file library, which is free to the public and supports local production in accordance with local conditions. HP’s 3D R&D centers in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Corvallis, Oregon, San Diego, California, and Vancouver, Washington, are working with partners around the world to work together to increase production to meet the most urgent needs.

Preliminary verification and final determination of industrial production applications include masks, face masks, mask adjusters, nasal swabs, non-contact door opening devices and ventilator parts. Hewlett-Packard also coordinated with many national governments, health and industry agencies to ensure a synchronized and effective approach.
“HP and its global digital manufacturing partners are constantly joining the battle against the new coronavirus. We are working together across borders and industries to identify the most needed parts, verify designs, and start 3D printing. Our employees, partners, customers, and community members have worked tirelessly to support front-line medical staff, and we pay them our highest respect.” said Enrique Lores, President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Company .

It is reported that HP’s global manufacturing partner network is working hard to ensure the global supply of 3D printed parts. The first batch of components that are being validated and produced include:

Non-contact door opening device: Door handles are one of the most severely infected items in houses, hospitals, factories and nursing homes. The 3D printed door opener allows people to open the door more easily and hygienically with their elbows.

Mask adjuster: Many hospital staff need to wear a mask for a long time. The design of the mask adjuster can improve the comfort of wearing a mask while reducing ear pain.

Face shield: Face shield is one of the personal protective equipment that is urgently needed. An important part of these protective covers is the 3D printed bracket, which can help improve the comfort during wearing.

Many more components are in the testing and verification phase and are expected to be put into production soon, including:

Ventilator: 3D printed parts of mechanical manual resuscitation mask (BVM), used for short-term emergency exhalation of patients with new crown. This simplified design makes the equipment more efficient and simple, facilitating rapid production and assembly.

FFP3 masks: Medical institutions need sufficient effective protective equipment to treat confirmed and suspected new crown patients. HP is verifying several medical-grade masks and is expected to be available soon.

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