3D Printing World” News/Although the Tokyo Olympics is still facing a lot of controversy and the future is still uncertain, let us put aside these factors today and take a look at the 3D printed recycled plastics that may appear on the scene. Podium. The podium was completed in June of this year and disclosed to the outside world. A total of 24.5 tons of recycled plastics were processed and industrial FFF 3D printers were used to make the final design. Designer Asao Tokolo takes the Olympic emblem as the design concept, based on the shape of diamonds. Each cube weighs only 1.5 kilograms (about 3 pounds).

According to the Tokyo Olympics official website, if an event is held, the podium will be used for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In addition, the bronze, silver and gold medals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are also made from e-waste. According to reports, the concept of the podium is: sustainability, 3D Printing, recycling, and reuse.

Therefore, after the event, Procter & Gamble plans to recycle these plastics again as P&G’s product packaging to give them a third life. The designer team hopes to use some parts of the podium as a display, or even remake.  

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