In an interview with Aviation Explorer, the chief designer of Klimov Company, a subsidiary of Russia’s United Engine Manufacturing Group, said that Russia’s promising VK-650V and VK-1600V helicopter engines 15% of parts are manufactured by 3D Printing.

The development of these two engines will begin in 2019. The VK-650V engine has a power of 650 horsepower and is used for Ka-226 helicopters, Ansat-U helicopters and other single-engine platforms with a take-off weight of not more than 4 tons. The VK-1600V engine has a power of 1400 horsepower and will be assembled on the promising Ka-62 multi-purpose helicopter and foreign platforms. Currently, there are no Russian engines in these niche markets, while only American and French engines are on the market.

Yeliseyev pointed out that when building aero engines before, due to the complex specification base and lack of understanding of all the advantages of 3D printing technology, 3D printing technology was rarely used.

He said: “In the two demonstration machines of the new engine, we used this technology. Not only for casing parts but also for injectors, etc. The proportion of additively manufactured parts used on both engines reached 15%. “He said that the future application of 3D printing technology can simplify the component manufacturing process, reduce the weight and life cycle cost of the engine, and plans to start the flight test of the two engines in 2022, and obtain the type certificate in 2023. 

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